Why CSR?

The climate is changing rapidly and urgency is required. That is why the government is extremely ambitious when it comes to sustainability. The Dutch economy must be fully circular by 2050.

We feel the urgency and also subscribe to these ambitions. At the same time, we see that many companies find it difficult to make safety clothing and PPE sustainable. That is why we help our customers make appropriate, sustainable choices so that they can realise their ambitions. We do not stop at fine words but continue until a measurable result is achieved.

What is CSR?
For SafeGood, Corporate Social Responsibility means taking responsibility for society. This goes beyond simply balancing people, planet, and profit. Together with other companies in our sector, we seek to improve and accelerate sustainable innovations for a circular economy. We shape sustainability based on the understanding that we need to take care of the earth and the people around us. This not only means that we are committed to sustainable and circular business, but also that we care for the job satisfaction of our employees.

The pillars of our CSR policy

It is important to us that we can rely on our suppliers and that we have insight into the production process. That is why we select as many EU suppliers as possible. We also find it important that the quality of the production process is guaranteed by internal and external audits. We also monitor this with our code of conduct.

  • We select raw materials with as little impact as possible. For example, you can think of pre-consumer materials (collected waste after production and before use), post-consumer materials (collected after use), or using lyocell instead of polyester.
  • Good quality is at the heart of longevity. Clothes suitable for work will last a long time and are the best choice in the long run.
  • It is important that clothes can be repaired in the right way to extend their lifespan as much as possible.
  • Design for recycling: we design our clothes so that they can be recycled after use.
  • With our new-for-old method, we ensure optimal budget management and efficient use. Only when employees have handed in their old clothes can they get new ones in their place.
  • With our personal webshop PRO account and the link to the laundry service, it is clear which clothes are used and which are not. So unused clothes can be reused.
  • With PRO account, we can measure the impact per employee per year in e.g. CO2, kilos, and litres of water.

We believe it is important to keep our customer well informed about the latest sustainable developments. In doing so, we always provide the right sustainable advice tailored to your needs. We help with optimal clothing management and provide insight into the result of the steps taken.

5 phases of sustainability

CSR internally
What do we do about CSR internally? There are several areas where we make an impact.

  • Work happiness: we believe it is important that our employees flourish. That is why we encourage training and development and are a recognised apprenticeship company.
  • SROI: we like to give people with a disadvantage on the labour market a head start in our company. This is why we have already given several SROI people a place at SafeGoed and want to develop this further in the future.
  • Our ISO certifications show that we have a grip on our business and environmental management system and are therefore future-proof. We are certified with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.
  • Our premises are heated with natural heat from the ground thanks to our heat pump. And, of course, we light our premises with LED lighting.

CSR external
SafeGoods is a proud partner of MVO Netherlands. MVO Nederland's mission is to connect entrepreneurs on the road to a new, sustainable and circular economy. We wholeheartedly endorse this objective and therefore, together with other companies in this movement, we are committed to making it happen.

Lifetime extension
In particular, our sustainable focus is on extending lifespan and thereby reducing clothing consumption. This means that we want to maximise the value of clothes. We do this using our personal webshop PRO-account, which enables us to provide precise insight into the state of your employees' clothing. With PRO account, you know how much of the clothing is worn, but also how long it has been worn and by whom. This way, we can ensure that the clothing packages are used optimally and last as long as possible

Responsible production & selection
As an intermediary, SafeGood occupies a prominent place in the chain. We are the link between manufacturer and user, which is why we consider it important to influence the production process.

Responsible production

  • Socially responsible production is a minimum requirement we place on our suppliers. All our suppliers sign our code of conduct and are also associated with certifications such as Fair Wear Foundation.
  • We see transparency in the chain as crucial. That is why we monitor good working conditions and challenge our suppliers to work on continuous improvement of sustainable business practices.

Responsible selection

  • We always opt for quality. A product that suits the work being performed has a positive effect on its lifespan. This also helps avoid unnecessary replacement.
  • We work intensively with manufacturers who innovate with sustainable clothing. Sustainable raw materials such as bio-cotton, lyocell and recycled PET are the basis for sustainable and future-proof safety clothing. Thanks to innovations in this field, we can offer more and more sustainable products.

Cleaning & recycling
Cleaning is essential for extending the life of products. Industrial cleaning guarantees optimal value retention of your clothing. Moreover, cleaning can be combined with full insight into PRO account, giving you visibility into the use and lifespan of clothes. Does the clothing no longer appear to be in good condition? We take care of repairs so you don't have to worry about it. So you can use your clothes for as long as possible.

Collection of used clothes allows the value of raw materials to be preserved as much as possible. We cooperate with parties in the field of recycling textiles, plastics and footwear. We also facilitate the collection of used clothing. We will gladly inform you about the possibilities and take care of it.

Information & advice

As far as we are concerned, supplying sustainable clothing does not stop there. As chain director, we see it as our task to actively educate companies in the safety sector about safety and sustainability.

Together, we choose a sustainable future!

Want to know more about sustainable corporate clothing or tailored advice for your business? Then get in touch with us.