VeiligGoed thinks it is important to make a visible contribution to a circular economy. We know that we have to be careful with the earth and therefore we contribute to a more sustainable world.

Rentmeesterschap is één van de pijlers van onze strategie. Vanouds leveren wij kwalitatief hoogwaardige producten met een lange levensduur. De aandacht voor duurzaamheid heeft zich de afgelopen jaren sterk ontwikkeld, waarbij er ook steeds meer aandacht komt voor circulariteit: het behouden van de waarde van grondstoffen in de keten.

Our pillars

Sustainable selection

Responsible production

Circular business models

Measurable results

VeiligGoed opts for a proactive approach. As a chain director, we are aware of the possibilities in the market: from producers of raw materials to collection and recycling, we will be happy to advise you about the possibilities and choices. We stand for an honest approach and measurable results. We are happy to discuss your objectives in the field of sustainability; based on this information, we will then go through a number of steps:

Harde werkers moeten veilig en comfortabel hun werk kunnen doen. Vandaar blijven de aspecten veiligheid en comfort altijd centraal staan, ook als het gaat om duurzaamheid.

Sustainable selection
Sustainability starts with the selection of the product. We make a positive impact in 3 areas:

  • Choice for quality: a product that fits the activities that are performed with the product has a positive influence on the lifespan. This way, unnecessary replacement can be avoided.
  • More sustainable raw materials such as organic cotton, lyocell and recycled PET ensure less impact from the raw materials of the new product. We work together with different manufacturers of raw materials and clothing, so we can inform you about the current possibilities.
  • Design for recycling: the choice of raw materials, colours and production methods affects the extent to which the product can be recycled at the end of its life. We advise on which choices promote sustainability.


Responsible production
Caring for our environment is also about caring for people. Three pillars are central to the attention we pay to our neighbour:

  • Socially responsible production is a minimum standard in our business operations. All suppliers sign our code of conduct. In addition, our suppliers are linked to certification such as the Fair Wear foundation
  • Transparency is an important factor in sustainable business. That means transparency throughout the chain, from raw material to the finished product.
  • Improvement of good working conditions. We challenge our suppliers on how to improve working conditions. We are happy to tell you how we do this in practice.


Sustainable use:
We can make a lot of impact by preventing waste. Three actions ensure that we and our customers use products sparingly:

  • Insight into usage: by using the PRO account, we offer insight into the usage of clothing per employee. We offer opportunities to avoid the unnecessary replacement of products and thus encourage a longer lifespan.
  • Industrial cleaning: make use of industrial laundry, with full insight within the PRO account. This provides insight into the use and lifespan of clothing. When certain products are not used, this can be identified and the products can be reused for other employees.
  • Sustainable cleaning & suitable for repair: new laundry methods give the possibility to clean clothes with a minimal environmental impact, while also not negatively affecting the lifespan of the clothes. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities!


Circular business models
Sustainability challenges call for a creative approach. With new circular business models, we can realise impact together with customers and suppliers. The focus is:

  • preventing unnecessary use
  • optimising the use of the clothing in circulation
  • extending lifespan.


Preservation of raw materials
Through collection at the end of the lifecycle, the value of raw materials can be preserved as much as possible. We work together with market parties in the field of recycling textiles, plastics and footwear and facilitate collection.


Measurable results
In all sustainability choices, we strive to make the result measurable. More and more information about the sustainability of products can be found within the PRO account. By making the impact of the products per employee and period measurable, the results in the field of sustainability are concrete. You can use these as input for your CSR reports.

Do you want to know more?

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