Hearing protection

Prevent hearing damage with Wijngaarden VeiligGoed

Wijngaarden VeiligGoed offers high-quality hearing protection to prevent permanent hearing damage from noise. On this page, you can read more about the opportunities and types of hearing protection. But also about the risks Of negligently taking hearing protection seriously.

Hearing damage: a silent danger

Hearing damage is a common occupational hazard that emerges slowly and insidiously. It can lead to permanent hearing damage and thus reduce quality of life. 

To prevent hearing damage, adequate hearing protection essential, especially in noisy working environments such as the construction, manufacturing and the music industry.

Wijngaarden VeiligGoed: Your partner in hearing protection

As specialists in hearing protection, we supply top-quality products designed to maximum protection and comfort to offer.

Our products range from earplugs and ear muffs to custom-made hearing protection in the form of otoplastics.

Benefits of our hearing protection:

  • Effective noise reduction: Minimise noise in the workplace.
  • Comfortable and safe: Made of soft, skin-friendly materials.
  • Durable and reliable: Lasts a long time and provides consistent protection.
  • Different types and sizes: Suitable for various applications and environments.
  • Expert advice and service: Comprehensive support for the right choice.

Prevention is better than cure

Choosing the right hearing protection is crucial to avoid permanent hearing damage. Wijngaarden VeiligGoed will help you find the suitable protection to suit your specific needs. 

Our experts can advise you on the type, the size and the material of hearing protection.

Hearing protection

Why hearing protection is important:

  • Prevents permanent damage: Continuous exposure to noise can lead to irreversible hearing damage.
  • Improves productivity: Less distraction from noise increases concentration and efficiency.
  • Increases workplace safety: Reduces accident risk through better communication and alertness.
  • Meets the Occupational health and safety legislation: Ensure compliance with legal standards and regulations.

The risks of hearing damage

Hearing damage from overexposure to noise is a creeping problem affecting more and more professionals. When noise levels exceed the 80 decibels comes, damage to hearing can already occur.

Many people underestimate the risks posed by noise and forget the importance of adequate protection. It is essential to be aware of the potential dangers and to proactive measures take.

Legal obligations and standards

According to the Occupational health and safety legislation its employers obliged to take measures to prevent hearing damage in workers. 

It is important that any work environment exposed to high noise levels is equipped with appropriate hearing protection equipment. 

Wijngaarden VeiligGoed helps companies meet these legal requirements.

Hearing protection

Individual needs and tailor-made solutions

We recognise that every customer is unique and has individual needs. That is why we offer a wide range of products and services, including custom-made hearing protection.

These are tailored precisely to the user's specific requirements to provide the best possible protection and comfort. For more information on this, see the website of our sister company: Ronell (ronell.co.uk).

Extensive range of hearing protection

Our range of hearing protection is extensive and diverse, with options suitable for different environments and levels of noise exposure. From disposable earplugs for occasional use to to durable ear muffs for daily protection.

Our hearing protection options:

  • Earplugs: Compact, discreet and ideal for occasional use.
  • Earmuffs: Offer optimal protection and comfort, ideal for long-term use
  • Custom-made hearing protection: Perfect fit and maximum protection.

Expert advice and service

Our team is happy to provide you with professional advice and guidance on choosing the right hearing protection. 

Our experienced specialists will make sure you get the most appropriate, comfortable and effective hearing protection gets, tailored to your unique needs and operations.

Contact us for advice on hearing protection

For more information on our hearing protection products and services, or for expert customised advice, contact Wijngaarden VeiligGoed. You can reach us via our contact page or call us directly on our phone number: +31 184 43 44 55.

Hearing protection

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