Height fall protection; laws and regulations and relevant products

Safety when working at height is unfortunately too often underestimated. The figures bear this out, as this occupational hazard still has the most fatal accidents on an annual basis.

 Therefore, knowing the rules but also investing in sound equipment is vital. In this article, we take you through the world of height fall protection.

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On this page, you will find more information on regulations concerning working at height and fall protection. And we give an introduction to the relevant products commonly used as fall protection. 

Of course, education and support is also an important pillar in working safely at height, at the bottom of this article you will find two practical tools you can already start working with yourself.

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Laws and regulations

What rules apply to safe working at height and to height fall protection. We like to touch on that in outline. Every situation and context is different. For that reason, in many cases we conduct a scan out on site, to determine what the conditions are and what rules apply there. But also what equipment and resources can be used.

Work at height may only be carried out with sound materials. So only from safe risers or scaffolds. From a height of more than 2.5 metres, the use of height fall protection is mandatory. Are there circumstances with an above-average risk at a height of less than 2.5 metres? Even then it is mandatory to use fall protection.

Does the work involve activities on a flat roof? Then a so-called safe zone can be established. The distance to the eaves should then be at least four metres. No height fall protection needs to be used in this zone. However, this zone should be clearly marked.

Fall hazards should always be included during a Risk Identification and Evaluation (RI&O)

Want to know the ins and outs? Being online is the working conditions law consultable via the government website. Of course, you can also contact one of our advisers, who will be happy to update you on the laws and regulations and the related materials and measures.

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Table of contents

Relevant products

We would like to give you an insight into the five most important height fall protection measures. They are:

  • Position
  • Fall protection
  • Climbing equipment for tree maintenance
  • Rope access
  • Protection for tools


Using a harness and a rigid line, the person is connected to a fixed point. This procedure ensures that the user of this height fall protection cannot reach the edge.

This method is applicable on, for example, roofs or in a workbox on the forklift truck. With a reduced working area, you avoid the risk of falling.

Fall protection

Do you fall unexpectedly anyway? Then have your fall stopped by a solid fall protection device. A fall arrest device also limits the forces of your stop, thus preventing injuries to the body.

Climbing equipment for tree maintenance

Up the tree for maintenance? This work requires special equipment. For example, the special lines that prevent cutting hazards.

Rope access

Can't get to the height by regular means, such as an aerial work platform? Then you can work at height using rope technique. This technique is only used by professionals.

Protection for tools

Safety is important not only for the person working at height, but also for those below. With a belt to which materials or tools can be attached, the risk of falling items is much lower!

We would also like to briefly mention the importance of maintenance and inspection. This keeps materials sound and defects are detected in time.

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Information and support

Expertise is important, even when it comes to height fall protection. For this reason, our advisers regularly give on-site briefings. For transferring knowledge, but also to boost support for using height fall protection.

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