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SealteQ Group extends the service life of concrete and steel structures. They do this by offering innovative customised solutions. In this way, they protect structures from external influences and preserve them for the future.

SealteQ has now been a customer of Wijngaarden VeiligGoed for three years and a safety day was organised in February 2024. Time for some questions to project manager SealteQ North, Albert-Jan Kamping.

How did you end up at SafeGood?

We found SafeGood through a tender. We wrote to 15 parties (longlist) and selected them based on experience, Google, and so on. In the end, 5 parties (shortlist) were allowed to submit an offer.

What typifies the cooperation between SealteQ and Wijngaarden VeiligGoed?

The cooperation is characterised by open but professional communication and quick (re)actions. Wijngaarden VeiligGoed is very service-oriented.

How did the idea of organising a safety day come about? Was there a specific occasion?

There was no specific reason for the safety day. We noticed that different needs arose among employees. Moreover, the board and management wanted to communicate the latest state of safety and quality. The safety day therefore went beyond safety:

  • It provided an opportunity for colleagues to speak to each other again as they work on different projects during the season;
  • Specific safety instructions and courses were given, such as gate instructions from certain clients;
  • The quality requirements of upcoming projects were discussed (what quality requirements do we have and how can this be achieved) as well as the quality of implemented projects (what quality was delivered last year);
  • Safety aspects such as handling PPE, equipment and hazardous substances were covered.


How did you experience this day?

Overall, we found the day to be very positive. We always try to make a good mix of useful, necessary information and relaxation. SafeGood handled the day professionally and seriously. An action list with suggestions for improvement has been drawn up. However, we must be careful that the day does not become a "sales pitch".

What else do you do in terms of safe working?

We do everything possible and necessary to work safely. Our motto is: we either work safely or we don't. Examples include:

  • Safety instructions in staff app on entry into service
  • A starter pack with PPE and work clothing
  • Provision and monitoring of the use of self-contained breathing protection (motor unit)
  • TRA and H&S plan on every project

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