Prevent falls from height with these measures!

Falling from height is and unfortunately still remains the number one fatal occupational hazard. The figures from the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment. What measures can be taken, and what exactly are the rules? On this page, we take a closer look at that.

A large proportion of workplaces in the Netherlands deal with this issue. And from practice, we know how important it is to pay sufficient attention to the subject of 'falls from height'. In practice, this translates into quality resources, such as proper fall protection equipment. But also to the right knowledge of how to use them and of the applicable laws and regulations.

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To give a better interpretation of how we are involved in the topic of falls from height, we would like to give a brief introduction of Wijngaarden SafeGoed.

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Wijngaarden VeiligGoed, specialist in personal protective equipment (PPE)

Wijngaarden VeiligGoed is a specialist in achieving personal safety in the workplace. We do this by supplying PPE and giving advice on its correct use and maintenance. But also by working on support and knowledge on the shop floor.

We are based in Sliedrecht, located between Dordrecht and Gorinchem. With more than 50 years of experience, we are an established name in the world of PPE. With our team, consisting of more than 40 employees, we serve our customers with an average delivery performance of 98.2%. Fast delivery is an important principle for us, which is why we have a large stock in our warehouse of more than 5,000 square metres.

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Table of contents

Falls from height; measures

We broadly distinguish between two key measures for working towards a safe working environment and reducing the occupational risk of 'falls from height'. Namely:

  • Personal protection
  • Information and support

1. Personal protection

First of all, we stress the importance of proper protective equipment. By this, we mean top-quality equipment, of course. But not only that, we also mean the right equipment for working at height. And that is exactly what our advisors support our customers with. By advising on the right resources for the customer's context and supplying the best quality PPE.

We distinguish the following disciplines within personal protective equipment for falls from height:

1. Positioning

Define your working area by using a line. From an anchoring point, set the length required by the user. An effective solution to prevent falls from height.

2. Fall protection

Stop your fall by using fall protection. Fall protection keeps you from landing on the ground. It also reduces the forces of the stop to prevent injuries.

3. Climbing equipment for tree maintenance

Moving safely up a tree requires special equipment. For example, working with ropes that cannot be cut.

4. Rope access

For the professionals; rope access. Is it not possible to reach your destination by aerial work platform? Then rope technology does offer a solution in many cases.

5. Protection for tools

Also provide your tools with proper fall protection. This may sound a bit odd, but much needed to prevent unnecessary injuries. Because tools can fall on employees on the ground, who may suffer an injury from them.
man with fall protection

2. Information and support

Maintaining employees' level of knowledge contributes significantly to reducing the occupational risk of 'falls from height'. Our advisers therefore regularly give presentations on location about the use of fall protection. But also about regulations.

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Falling from height; laws and regulations

Work at height should only be carried out from safe equipment. Such as a safe riser or scaffold.

Different statutory regulations and guidelines were drawn up for working at height. Here, we refer to articles in the Working Conditions Decree:

  • Health and Safety Decree article 3.16: Preventing fall hazards - the employer must take the necessary measures.
  • Working Conditions Decree article 7.18b: hoisting and lifting gear for persons.
  • Working Conditions Decree article 7.23: use of work equipment for working at height, such as ladders, scaffolds and steps.
  • Working Conditions Decree article 7.34: scaffolds.

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