Safer and Cheaper

SafeGood has extensive experience in PPE maintenance & inspection. Long-life PPE is safer and more cost-effective. Maintenance and inspection of PPE is not only often mandatory, it is also very important. As a PPE supplier, we believe it is important that our products remain protected for as long as possible.

Industrial washing
Workwear must be washed properly, because each fabric requires its own individual treatment. Incorrect washing modules can deteriorate the protective properties of clothing, for which reason proper cleaning is essential. We see to cleaning of the clothing for various companies. This way, you will be certain that the safety clothing is being treated properly. Furthermore, we ensure that clothing packages are swapped and, as such, have equal lifespans.

A lot of PPE requires frequent inspection. For instance life vests or fall protection. This way, the personal safety will remain guaranteed. For the inspection of your PPE, you can always turn to us. Also if you doubt whether your PPE is still reliable, you can have it inspected by us.

Need more information or advice?

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