At SafeGood, we have extensive experience in advising, supplying and managing protective clothing. We always have stock of well-known brands, so we can deliver quickly. If necessary, we can personalise the clothes with a print. 

Workwear plays a major role in the protection of employees. For instance, work overalls, trousers, coats, rainwear and all-weather clothing. The properties of workwear fabric can ensure good protection. Depending on the properties, the clothing will protect against heat, cold, water, fire, weld splatters, chemicals, etc.

The main standards:

EN ISO 20471 For high visibility in fluorescent colours
EN ISO 11611 Protection during welding and similar processes
EN ISO 11612 Protection against heat and flames (Previously EN531)
EN 13034 Protection against chemicals
EN 343 Protective clothing against rain
EN 14058 Insulating clothing in cold environments >5 °C
EN 342 Insulating clothing in cold environments <5 °C
EN 1149-5 For discharging of static electricity in ATEX-zones
NEN-EN 50286 For working near low-voltage installations


Wearing comfort is a sum of suppleness, warmth and moist regulation and the way in which a piece of clothing was manufactured. Some types of fabric (e.g. Nomex and Aramid-types) have many good protective properties, but are not as suitable in terms of wearing comfort.

The diversity of fabric compounds with accompanying standards is substantial. Our PPE-consultants can determine which solutions will match your situation.


In our PRO-account, employees can order clothing and PPE individually, using an allocated budget. Specific details, for instance the delivery address and clothing sizes, have been personalised. This will ensure a good overview of the orders.

We will determine your preferences in advance: should orders be approved? Where will the order be delivered? Where does management of the stock take place? From that point will we take everything out of your hands in terms of clothing & PPE-management!

Robust (4b)


Proper and periodic maintenance is required to retain the protective function of the clothing and to lengthen the lifespan of the clothing. Always observe the washing instructions! Industrial cleaning is a smart choice in order to retain the protective properties of clothing.

Keeping the number of washes can be done thanks to the application of a barcode in every piece of clothing. This is registered at our cleaning partner. When reaching the maximum number of washes, the clothing will be deprecated, in consultation with the customer, so that the safety remains guaranteed.   


For certain activities, clothing is worn once. These disposables are often used in the chemical and waste industry. Here they protect against contact with hazardous substances, such as asbestos and toxic fumes, but also bacteria and viruses. The protection is available in three levels: gas-tight, dust-tight and liquid-tight.

We can also supply the disposables with additional safety standards such as EN 1149 and EN ISO 11612.

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The selection of protective clothing requires meticulousness. Take your risk-inventory or H&S catalogue as a starting point and seek advice from our PPE-consultants, who have a lot of experience with different situations at work. This way, you will comply with the laws and regulations and additionally, you can guarantee the safety at work.

Batina Corporal - Operational PPE advisor

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