Various sectors

Each sector faces its own specific risks. That is why PPE will be needed and remain utterly important! For many years, we have been serving numerous customers in various branches.

Since our PPE-consultants look over our shoulder on the work floor, they are aware of the risks related to the trade and can offer suitable protection.

Overview branches

PBM industrieIndustrie
Harsh conditions characterise the work in the (petrochemical) industry. Protective clothing and PPE are of major importance there, for the safety of the employees. Wengaarden VeiligGoed has been serving numerous purchasers in this sector for many years. As a result, we have demonstrable experience and an appropriate assortment for any work activities in the petrochemical and heavy industry.

PPE offshoreOffshore 

The Netherlands are an important international partner in the offshore. A lot of work is being performed on vessels, oil platforms and wind farms. These work activities each involve their own specific risks. We have gained experience with PPE for many years, in this regard. This enables us to provide you with solid, customised advice! 

Municipal workwear

Municipalities & Authorities 

Icy roads, storm and dusk. Employees working at waterboards, councils, sheltered workshops and other authorities frequently need to work under these severe weather conditions. We take up the challenge to provide suitable solutions. In this regard, circular PPE and workwear are an important part of our personal advice.

Construction workwearConstruction 

The construction sector is a dynamic sector. This asks a lot of the hard workers: not only do they need to perform their work quickly and properly, but also safely. That is why we are keen to help them by providing comfortable protection and constructive advice. Not only will it make the work safer, but also a lot more pleasant!

 Installation PPE ESDInstallation 

Working at hard-to-reach locations, where no static workwear can be worn; that requires flexible and safe workwear. But also in severe weather conditions, like rain and snow, comfortable workwear and work shoes are necessary. We offer all kinds of products that meet the requirements set for this branch. 

Forestry greenery clothingForestry and green areas 

Working in green areas and in forestry has its own challenges and risks. For instance insects, working at height, or work activities along public roads. Proper work of course requires proper workwear and PPE. And it should be as comfortable as possible in warm or cold working conditions.

Logistics clothingTransport and logistics 

Safety and visibility are key words in the logistics sector. They are also key terms that appeal to us. An extensive assortment of clothing and shoes will always include an appropriate range. We have gained a lot of experience over the last few years. That is why our deliveries are always accompanied by the best advice for safety! 


Curious about the experiences of our customers from the various industries?