Fire: it is our greatest friend and our greatest enemy at the same time. Also during work activities, fire is an important tool, but at the same time, it is a lurking hazard. Our hard workers are sensitive to fire, even from 60 °C, burns could already take place. 

Weld splatters will be after-glowing for a long time, causing your clothing to easily catch fire. If weld splatters end up in your pocket, collar or boot, they can additionally cause serious injury. Exposure to fire and sparks often ensures second and third degree burns immediately. Also the heat thereof may impose risks.

Personal protection 

In addition to the primary steps in the AH-strategy, PPE usually remains required. Relevant products that we can provide, are: 

  • Flame retardant clothing or welder’s workwear 
  • Goggles, face shields, welding helmets and grinding helmets 
  • Monkshoods: and flame retardant hood  
  • Respiratory protection 
  • Welding gloves, heat-resistant gloves or aluminised hand protectors 
  • Safety shoes and knee protectors 
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Education & support 

Employees who deal with fire, sparks and weld splatters, must be very much aware of what they are doing. Any spark could cause an accident. Estimating risks is, as such, not only a task for production managers or safety specialists. Employees are just as important here, by assessing the workplace themselves in the LMRA or by applying a TRA. 

Sometimes, there is opposition against the use of PPE. Why? Because some of the protective equipment may be uncomfortable, tiring of warm. This can be solved by using comfortable PPE. It is not necessary for everyone to always wear the heaviest protection. By coordinating the protection with the risks, you can sometimes wear lighter overalls or lighter PPE. 

Which role can a PPE-consultant fulfil here? 

Our PPE-consultants aim for integrated use of PPE. For instance: welding overalls quickly wear during heavy work activities. If these can be combined with welding blankets, this will be beneficial to the lifespan. This also goes, for instance, for respiratory protection: if there is no ventilation, the filters will be full unnecessarily quickly. Providing this kind of advice, our PPE-consultants add a lot of value to your PPE-policy.  

The RI&E can help our PPE-consultants to properly estimate the relevant risks. On the basis of this, we can offer a suitable PPE or clothing package. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Article 5 of the Working Conditions Act obliges the employer to draw up an RI&E (Risk-Inventory and Evaluation). This is where occupational risks are elaborated and assessed.  

The employer provides information, education, PPE and supervision on the work activities. The employee attends the education, works in accordance with the instructions and uses the prescribed PPE. The PPE must be suitable for mitigating the risks. The PPE must be adjusted to the user, be sufficiently available, be in good condition and be timely replaced or repaired. 

Protective clothing must comply with the set EN and/or ISO-standards. These requirements derive from the European Decree 2016/425. This includes the fundamental regulations that all PPE, introduced in the European market, must comply with.   

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By use of our scan, we inventory risks at function level. By means of an advisory report and a PPE-matrix, you will get an overview of the required protection measures. More information about the PPE-scan. 

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