Opportunities for your employees

In PRO-account, your employees can personally order their products. As an employer, you decide which products can be ordered and in which quantities. Specific details, for instance, the delivery address and clothing sizes, have been personalised for this purpose.

Why a PRO-account?
As an employer, you want to provide your employees with the right workwear and PPE, but this often involves a lot of paperwork. Each job tile requires different PPE or a different workwear package. In addition, employees prefer to replace a worn out piece of clothing as quickly as possible and they usually work at different locations. In such instances, we always recommend companies to make use of our personal web shop: PRO-account.

Order options
1. The manager or employer will place orders for employees
2. Employees place an order in PRO-account personally, after approval of the employer
3. Employees place an order in PRO-account personally, without approval of the employer


Delivery options:
1. Delivery at the company location
2. Delivery at the home address
3. Collection at our Safety Shop


Type of balance
1. Euro’s
2. Points

Do you want to know more?

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