For measurable sustainable results 

PRO-account is our main tool through which we shape sustainability. What is possible with PRO account? 

In a nutshell, PRO account is your personal webshop. In PRO account, your employees can order their own products. As the employer, you decide which products they can order and in what quantities. Specific data, e.g. delivery address and clothing sizes, are personalised here. Within these frameworks, employees can order whenever and wherever they want. 

With the help of PRO account, active clothing management is possible. After all, you have optimum overview in terms of the clothing spent and thus prevent over-ordering. You also know exactly how much is consumed per employee, giving you the opportunity to reduce consumption. This saves a lot of costs. According to the new-for-old principle, employees only get new clothes once the old ones have been returned (for recycling). Saving water, raw materials and CO2 are calculated. This maximises the lifespan of clothes and reduces the production of new clothes as much as possible.

Proper clothing and PPE
As an employer, you want to provide your employees with the right workwear and PPE, but this often involves a lot of paperwork. Each job tile requires different PPE or a different workwear package. In addition, employees prefer to replace a worn out piece of clothing as quickly as possible and they usually work at different locations. In such instances, we always recommend companies to make use of our personal web shop: PRO-account.

Order options
1. The manager or employer will place orders for employees
2. Employees place an order in PRO-account personally, after approval of the employer
3. Employees place an order in PRO-account personally, without approval of the employer


Delivery options:
1. Delivery at the company location
2. Delivery at the home address
3. Collection at our Safety Shop


Type of balance
1. Euros
2. Points


Do you want to know more?

Would you like more information? Do not hesitate and contact our account manager Julian Bal on telnr 06-51743899 and schedule a no-obligation meeting.