For us, supply is daily business. Of course that includes the right advice and great service. But for some customers we go through a special process that makes us proud. We would like to tell a few stories about us closely cooperating with the client. The result: a solution that perfectly matches the customer demand. 

Construction people

Construction workers educate young professionals. Safety and appearance are important values during their education. VeiligGoed ensures that the student looks smart again. The annual increase of new students ensures a logistic challenge. But everybody will receive their own package, neatly named personally.

Damen Shipyards

Damen has been our client for many years and has a company culture that is similar to that of VeiligGoed. QHSE-Coordinator Christian Bazen explains about the cooperation regarding a major project in Romania.

Nature's Pride

This ambitious company was seeking a solution for the comfort and appearance of the staff. The logistics department operates in different cold storage rooms, with different temperatures. Together with VeiligGoed, they developed and tested a unique special for the entire logistics organisation.


ASSET Rail: an important party in the rail maintenance of various regions. Obviously, personal safety is a central theme at work. In recent times we have designed a unique jacket together with them.


Municipality of Hardinxveld-Giessendam

Municipalities have a major exemplary role when it comes to circularity. For that reason, the municipality council of Hardinxveld looked for a sustainable clothing package for the field service. We selected a nice and recyclable clothing package that fits our collection and recycle process.


After an intensive process from tender to execution, the time has come; Heijmans has new company clothing and PPE in its hands. We are proud of the fantastic cooperation with these 'makers of a healthy living environment'.

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Our customers are players from different industries. Curious to which sectors we supply?