Structure and overview

Create structure and overview, using our PPE-scan. Together with you, we determine the required PPE, on the basis of occupational risks. We will take account of employees’ preferences. Additionally, we will give advice regarding training and maintenance of PPE.

Scanning in 3 steps

Scanning in 3 steps

1. Inventorying

  • Observation of the workplace and interviews with users
  • Inventory of current PPE and its use
  • Inventory of the management and maintenance of the PPE

2. Analysing

  • Assessment of the current PPE and application on the basis of laws and regulations
  • Findings of the observations and interviews
  • Assessment of the management and maintenance

3. Result

  • PPE-matrix: assessment of all PPE per task in one extensive worksheet
  • PPE-advice on the basis of the occupationally hygienic strategy
  • Improvement plan for use and management
  • Recommendations for any training and instruction

Why the PPE-scan?

There is a great diversity and availability of PPE. By means of proliferation, outdated RI&Es and ignorance, the PPE is often not up-to-date. Does it comply with the latest techniques? And also with the current laws and regulations?

Many times, there is a gap between the theory (laws and regulations) and practice. The main reason for this is ignorance and discontent regarding PPE. These factors are not beneficial to the protection. On the contrary: the risks are not sufficiently covered, just at the moment that protection is crucial. This is usually revealed only in the event of an accident or during a check by the Inspectorate.

In order to provide structure, we have developed the PPE-scan: a tool to link the risks to the appropriate PPE, so as to offer an optimal level of protection. The PPE-scan is performed by an acknowledged PPE-consultant and assessed by our safety expert.

What does it bring?

  1. Grip and overview: You get an overview of which PPE is needed at which workplace. In addition, PPE is managed more centrally, giving you more insight into the available PPE.
  2. Cost reduction: By managing PPE more centrally, PPE or clothing packages can be used more efficiently. We also recommend technical options to reduce unnecessary use of PPE.
  3. Awareness and support: Safety behavior is mainly about awareness and support. We use the PPE scan to investigate the underlying reason for the behaviour. Sometimes more comfortable PPE is needed. In other cases toolboxes and training.
  4. Better protection: Overview and support ensure a safe work culture. By deploying the required PPE, you not only comply with laws and regulations, but employees will actually be better protected.

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