Corporate identity

Adjustments to your wishes

In addition to offering protection, we can also customise workwear to your wishes. This way, you will create a unique piece of workwear for your staff!


PPE-selection based on house-style colours

Adding emblems

Prints, embroidery or labels


Compiling a unique clothing package

Appearance in the workplace

Image of your staff becomes more important all the time. An increasing number of companies ask about it, but we also consider it a good opportunity to increase the support for workwear. Because if your employees are proud of their company clothing, there will be more support for wearing the clothing.

Corporate identity clothing

Image plays a significant role in the majority of processes. Together with marketing managers, production managers and end users, we determine a representative, uniform look. A beautiful sight on the work floor or construction site!

How we go about appearance? This already starts by deciding about one single line. Although each position requires different clothing, it is well possible to stick to the same line. This does not apply to clothing only, but also, for instance to helmets, shoes and gloves.

Adding emblems
Workwear is made more personal by means of a logo. Almost every piece of clothing supplied by us, bears a printed or embroidered logo. We also regularly provide helmets with company logos.

Our specials are a unique solution. In this case, we design a new piece of clothing together. On the basis of your wishes, we design a test model, that is to be tested by end users. Based on the test experience, we further adjust the test model. Safety is key when making choices, but also comfort can be improved by means of additional pockets, zips, insulation and adjustment straps. Result of this process is the own unique workwear!

coat designs

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