Both literally and figuratively, our feet are the basis of our bodies. Not only do they carry your body weight all day, they also transport you from one place to another. Basically, they are working all the time. 

Slipping and tripping hazard is one of the most common problems in the workplace. Also too much weight, an incorrect posture, as well as entrapment occur frequently. In addition, injury to toes and feet as a consequence of falling objects is a great risk. Injuries influence the productivity directly and moreover the wellbeing of the employee.

Also in warehouses or production halls, the feet need attention. Loads of kilometres are covered here day after day and thus there is a risk of overburdening of the feet, muscles and joints.   

In practice, we notice the following risk categories:   

  • Injuries as a result of: sslipping and tripping hazard, jumping from a height or steps;; 
  • Strain as a result of: excessive walking or standing, a lot of weight on the wrong shoes;   
  • Injury as a result of: heat, chemicals, entrapment, perforation and/or falling objects;;  
  • Incorrect protection: incorrect damping, ventilation and/or shoe size.. 
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Personal protection 

In addition to the primary steps in the AH-strategy, PPE usually remains required. Relevant products that we can provide, are: 

  • Safety footwear  
  • Inlay soles 
  • Socks 
  • Ankle support 

Education & support 

Every neglected discomfort could be the start of an injury. Many people don’t want to be whiners, but continue until or after becoming injured. That makes the ankle become weak, while it increases the risk of twisting or spraining. 

Make sure that your employees learn how to detect and report discomforts. By providing frequent training, they will realise how important this is. Discomforts should thus not be trivialised, but addressed. When doing this, look at the causes and try to eliminate them. 

Which role can a PPE-consultant fulfil here? 

Our PPE-consultants provide targeted advice on the basis of the individual work activities. They bear in mind the occupationally hygienic strategy. Obviously, they will mainly pay attention to foot protection. It may so happen that someone was not helped regarding your preferred brand. In that case, we will offer shoes of other brands, providing a solution after all.

Frequently Asked Questions

Companies are obliged to take a critical look at their work environment and thus determine the risks. The employer is obliged to organise the work such that it causes no detrimental consequences for the employee [2]. Article 5 of the Working Conditions Act obliges the employer to draw up an RI&E. This is where the risks are inventoried and assessed and an action plan is made to keep the risks controllable.


Since there are many risks with respect to foot and leg injury, the safety shoe has become entirely common as a standard PPE. The type of footwear and protection class are prescribed by the employer on the basis of a risk assessment (RI&E) or by a copy from the H&S catalogue.

Issuing effective and suitable PPE (Working Conditions Act art. 3 lid b) is significant, in relation to safety shoes. Personal choice, adapted to the individual and the situation of the individual must be taken seriously in this case.


[1] Arbowet 1999, art. 5 

[2] Arbowet 1999, art. 3 


Guidelines and standards 

In the PPE Decree (EU 2016/425), apart from the standard requirements for PPE, some additional regulations were included, that specifically refer to safety footwear. This concerns (art. requirements that are set to the design, manufacture or additional means, regarding which a good grip is guaranteed.  


More concrete are the standards agreed upon by the mutual EU-member states, regarding safety footwear. The best known standard concretely applied in practice, in company regulations and procedures, is the classification S1 t/m S5 from EN-ISO 20345.      

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By use of our scan, we inventory risks at function level. By means of an advisory report and a PPE-matrix, you will get an overview of the required protection measures. More information about the PPE-scan.

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