VeiligGoed is exclusive importer of cooling products. These products have been used in the workplace for a number of years. Based on your work situation we can both recommend and deliver the cooling products to you.  

Heat has impact on the health and productivity of employees. Cooling vests and other products were designed especially for cooling during warm working conditions. Our cooling vests are comfortable, close-fitting, light-weight and very user-friendly. Due to the smart design, the cooling vests cool the entire body.. 

Types of products

In addition to cooling vests, we offer multiple other cooling products: 

  • Cooling vests 
  • Cooling hats 
  • Helmet inlays 
  • Cooling towelsdoeken
  • Cooling shoes 
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How do cooling vests work?

Your body will cool itself by pumping warm blood to the skin surface and by means of perspiration. Cooling products are close to the skin and provide additional cooling. This can be done in two different ways:

  • Evaporation: moist inside or on top of the cooling product will vaporise, creating cooling 
  • Cooling elements: cooled packs are applied inside the vest

Which vest should I choose?

It is important that you the choose the right cooling vest. Only then will the cooling mechanism function optimally: 

  1. Are you wearing any clothing over the cooling vest? Or are you working in a highly humid environment? Then go for BodyCool Pro with pack-technology.
  2. Is high visibility important? Then go for the BodyCool Basic with immersing technology.
  3. In other cases, the BodyCool Smart with vaporisation technique would be an option.
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Our advisors are happy to help you or make an appointment if you wish.

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The selection of cooling vests can be quite complex. So, feel free to consult our PPE-consultants. They are quite experienced with the application of cooling products. This will allow your employees to fulfil their tasks comfortably. 

Batina – PPE-consultant

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