8 tips to support create among employees for wearing work clothes

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As an employer, you know how important workwear is for your team's safety, comfort and appearance. But how do you convince your employees of this? And how do you encourage the use of professional workwear in the workplace? In our white paper you will discover, step by step, how to create support for this within your team.

Do you recognise these challenges?

You want to promote safety, comfort and uniformity in the workplace. Professional workwear is the ideal tool for this. Yet support among your employees is limited. The arguments below may sound familiar to you:

  • "I prefer to decide what I wear myself, then I can be sure it's comfortable."
  • "Why should I change? It's fine the way it is, isn't it?"
  • "There are no incidents showing the need for workwear."
  • "Other colleagues don't do it either, so why me?"
  • "At my previous employer, I didn't have to, either."

Eight steps to greater support for workwear

Employees often do not feel the need to purchase professional workwear. As an employer, this presents you with quite a challenge. After all, you don't want to force your staff, but you do want to encourage them to choose high-quality workwear.

In our latest whitepaper, you will find eight practical tips to build support for this and encourage positive behavioural change within your team. You will discover:

  • How to consciousness around workwear enlarged
  • How to positively empower your employees stimulates
  • How to respond intelligently to their wants and needs
  • How to individual preferences keeps an eye on
  • How to manage your employees involves and gives a voice

With the help of our white paper, you will create support for workwear within your team. Not by opposing your staff, but by standing beside them and choosing the best solution together. So a win-win situation!

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8 tips to build support.

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