Best cooling vest motorbike? Find out our advice.

As a motorcyclist, you want to enjoy touring especially in summer. But every motorcyclist also knows that it can be very hot on the motorbike. Especially the combination of high temperatures with wearing motorbike clothing.

On this page, you will find more information on the types of cooling vests and the differences between them. And why we rate not one but two cooling vests as the best cooling vests for motorcyclists.

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Best cooling vest motorbike

Why use a cooling vest motor?

The use of a motor cooling vest is not only comfortable but also safe. Overheating can lead to fatigue, impaired concentration and slower reaction times. Wearing a cooling vest on the bike keeps your body temperature regulated, keeping you more alert and comfortable during long rides.

How to choose the right cooling vest motorbike?

When choosing a cooling vest motor it is important to take into account the duration of your trips, climate in which you drive and your personal preference in terms of wearing comfort. For short rides in humid climates, an evaporative cooling vest is ideal. For longer rides or rides in a dry climate, a cooling vest with cooling elements is the best choice.

Maintaining your cooling vest

To prolong the life of your cooling vest motor, it is important to clean it regularly according to the manufacturer's instructions. Keep it cooling vest on a cool, dry place when not in use.

Motor cooling vest

Types of cooling vests

We distinguish three different types of cooling vests:

  1. Cooling vests with evaporation
  2. Cooling vests with cooling elements
  3. Cooling vests by immersion

The best cooling vest motorbike?

We recommend for motorcyclists the cooling vests with evaporation technology or the cooling vests with cooling elements.

Cooling vest with evaporation technology

The difference between the two cooling vests is that one works by evaporation. In practice, this means that this type of cooling vest cannot be worn under clothing, because the clothing blocks evaporation. If you do not wear a motorbike jacket, then this option might be the best choice for you.

Cooling vest with cooling elements

The cooling vest with the cooling elements, on the other hand, is well suitable to be worn under clothing. This type of cooling vest does not work by evaporation, but by means of coolpacs that ensure stable cooling of the body. If you wear your full outfit, including your motorbike jacket, on summer rides too, then this is the best choice for you as a motorbike cooling vest.

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Engine cooling jacket using evaporation technology

Our range of refrigeration products consists largely of products from the Inuteq brand. This includes both recommended cooling vests for motorbikes.

The cooling vest that works through evaporation technology concerns the 'Bodycool Smart'. This type of cooling vest performs optimally in environments with low to medium humidity.

How to use motor cooling vest Bodycool Smart

This motorbike cooling vest is easy to use. We explain it using the steps outlined below.

  1. Fill the vest with half a litre of (cold) water through the membrane.
  2. Distribute the water through the vest.
  3. Remove the excess water from the vest again.
  4. Wring out the vest well.
  5. Enjoy the cooling effect on the body.

Specifications of Bodycool Smart motorbike cooling vest

We list all the specifications of this motorbike cooling vest:

  • Machine washable (note, not suitable for the dryer).
  • Easy to use and, of course, reusable.
  • Light in weight and therefore, among other things, high wearing comfort.
  • Provides up to 15 degrees of cooling relative to ambient temperature.
  • Provides up to three days (72 hours!) of cooling (depending on temperature and humidity).
  • CE marking.

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Motorbike cooling vest with coolpacs

Inuteq's Bodycool Pro is the cooling vest in our range that works through coolpacs. The advantage of this is the stable cooling of the cooling vest, as it does not rely on evaporation by air. Another advantage is that this cooling vest can be worn under (motorbike) clothing.

How to use the Bodycool Pro

  1. Cool the coolpacs in the refrigerator.
  2. When the liquid has solidified, the coolpacs are ready for use and can be attached to the cooling vest.
  3. The cooling vest is ready for use. Remember to fasten the strap around the waist securely so that the cooling vest closes properly.

It is useful to have a spare set of coolpacs so that alternation of coolpacs is possible.

Specifications of the Bodycool Pro

  • High fire safety
  • Long-term stable cooling
  • Made from recycled materials.

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