How does a cooling vest work?

There is no single answer to the question 'how does a cooling vest work?'. This is because the effect is different for each type of cooling vest. Different types of cooling vests offer cooling to the body in different ways.

A cooling vest is more than just a piece of fabric; it is a technological device designed to regulate body temperature. Depending on the type of cooling vest, it can work by evaporation, cooling elements or immersion. Each of these methods has its unique benefits and applications.

Benefits of a cooling vest

  • Prolonged cooling: Depending on the type of cooling vest, it can provide hours of cooling, which is essential for people who spend long periods outside.
  • Flexibility: With the ability to wear the cooling vest under clothing, you can tailor it to your specific needs and conditions.
  • Health benefits: Overheating can lead to health problems. A cooling vest can help reduce the risk of heat-related problems.

Types of cooling vests

On this page, we look at the most commonly used types of cooling vests. For each type of cooling vest, we explain how the cooling technology, and therefore how the cooling vest, works.

  • Cooling vests with evaporation.
  • Cooling vests with cooling elements.
  • Immersion cooling vests.
How a cooling vest works

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Man checks cooling elements - how a cooling vest works
Table of contents

How a cooling vest works: cooling vests with evaporation

How does a cooling vest with evaporation technology work? The cooling vest is moistened by filling it with cold water. Incidentally, the cooling vest must be emptied again before it can be worn.

By natural evaporation the vest provides up to 72 hours (depending on humidity) of cooling.

Evaporative cooling vests work best in an environment with a low to medium humidity. It is important to note that no clothing can be worn over this cooling vest, as the evaporation of the cooling vest cannot function then.

The cooling vest with evaporation technology cools the body down to 15 degrees

Further specifications for that cooling vest are:

  • Light in weight and therefore high wearing comfort
  • Stays completely dry, so you won't suffer from wet clothing because of this cooling vest.
  • The cooling vest can be washed in the washing machine.
  • CE marking.

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How a cooling vest works: explanation of the BopyCool SMART:

How a cooling vest works: cooling vests with cooling elements

How does a cooling vest with cooling elements work? The cooling vest cools by means of the coolpacs placed in the cooling vest. These coolpacs are available separately in three different types (21 degrees, 24 degrees or 29 degrees).

The coolpacs contain a liquid that is first cooled in, for example, the refrigerator. The coolpacs are ready for use when the liquid has solidified and should be replaced when the liquid is liquid again. Of course, the coolpacs are reusable.

Cooling vests with cooling elements are ideally suited for very hot (work) situations. Unlike the other types of cooling vests, this cooling vest is can be used under (work) clothes. Cooling vests with cooling elements provide stable cooling to the body.


  • High fire safety
  • Long-term stable cooling
  • Made of recyclable materials

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Immersion cooling vests; how does this type of cooling vest work?

This type of cooling vest has the same cooling technology as the cooling vest with evaporation. The difference is the way the cooling vest is activated. Not by filling the vest with cold water, but by immersing the vest in water.

This type of cooling vest should also not be worn under clothing, as evaporation cooling technology will not function properly.

The immersion cooling vest does not work as long as the types of cooling vests described earlier. And is also the cheapest option within the cooling vests. Suitable for work in warm conditions, but also for use during sports or other activities in leisure time.

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