Want to cool down in the workplace?


Can comfort and cooling merge seamlessly, in the service of an optimal working environment? Yes, it is possible! In times of rising temperatures, hard work and swelling sweat, there is only one solution to save the (work) day: the cooling vest.

Constructed to provide cooling during sweltering days and in demanding working environments, our Inuteq cooling vests your trump card against overheating.

Whether you are active in construction, industry or on a sun-drenched job site, this sophisticated garment is your indispensable companion on the way to a refreshing and productive working day.

But what makes our cooling vests so effective? The answer lies in advanced technology. Thanks to innovative materials and thoughtful design, these vests function as a personalised air conditioner.

When should you put on a cooling vest? Well, in fact, anytime workplace temperatures trend upwards. Whether you are outside working under a scorching sun or inside a hot factory hall, Wijngaarden VeiligGoed's cooling vest provides relief and refreshment when you need it most.


Working with a cooling vest

There is a cooling vest for every job

Via our webshop www.koelvesten.nu we offer three types of cooling vests. All with their own cooling mechanism.

  • Cooling vest Bodycool Smart (Inuteq)
  • Bodycool RWS Iso
  • Bodycool Pro with coolpacs


Cooling vest Bodycool Smart (Inuteq)

Meet the Bodycool Smart from renowned brand Inuteq. With a simple fill of tap water, this cooling vest immediately starts its refreshing work.

This evaporative cooling vest is comfortable, full-sized and of a very light weight. Ideal for the workshop, where you don't need a fridge, coolpacs or chemicals.

cooling vest bodycool

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Bodycool RWS ISO

Another suitable evaporative cooling vest from Inuteq where the vest is also machine washable with its unique cooling technology. Lightweight, durable and up to 8 hours of comfort. Perfect for a sunny working day.

Inuteq cooling vest

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Bodycool Pro Inuteq Pacs

An all-round cooling vest that provides constant cooling and protection against heat stress. INUTEQ-PAC products are also suitable for medical applications where constant cooling is required.

Still looking for a professional cooling vest with cool packs? Then discover the durable solution from Inuteq Bodycool Pro.

Inuteq black cooling vest

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Shop cooling vests easily at koelvesten.nu

Increase your comfort and productivity with cooling vests, available at coolvests.nu
Discover the secrets of ultimate cooling and safety with our popular cooling vests from Inuteq.


>> Check out our range on coolvests.nu

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