Personal protective equipment construction

Good body protection in the workplace is very important. This certainly applies to the construction industry as well. Think for example on the risks of hearing damage and hand and cut injuries. Therefore, make sure you have the right personal protective equipment for construction.

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Personal protective equipment construction

Importance of personal protective equipment construction

Construction is pre-eminently a sector where attention to personal protective equipment can make all the difference. Unfortunately, in our work we meet too many people who have to suffer the consequences of a casual attitude towards personal protective equipment construction. Think of permanent hearing damage, or irreparable hand and cut injuries.

Curious about which occupational risks we have used as a basis for compiling our range? Then take a look at our 'occupational risks' page. For an overview of our product categories, visit the 'products' page.

High-quality protective equipment, but certainly the right protective equipment for the relevant working conditions, contributes to safety on the workplace or construction site and preventing damage to the body. For this reason, we consider the quality of our advice to our customers of great importance.

To give you the best possible service, in addition to supplying personal protective equipment construction, we also offer a PPE scan. We will tell you more about that later. First, we would like to give you a better picture of our company; Wijngaarden VeiligGoed.

Personal protective equipment construction

Wijngaarden VeiligGoed, supplier of personal protective equipment for the construction industry

With over 50 years of experience, we are a well-known name in the world of personal protective equipment. We are a supplier of personal protective equipment, such as personal protective equipment construction. But at the same time provide knowledge about resources and risks.

Besides being a supplier for personal protective equipment for the construction industry, we also serve other branches. Such as:

  • Maritime and offshore
  • Metal industry
  • (Petro)chemistry
  • Installation
  • Logistics.

You can visit us in Sliedrecht, where our office (with more than 5,000 square metres we always have ample stock) and warehouse is located. In our Safety Shop you will find a large part of our range, and even have the opportunity to try on or test various personal protective equipment.

Our team includes more than 40 colleagues. Together, we work with motivation to provide workplace safety for our customers. We have also described this in our mission statement:

At the foundation of our society and economy are the hard workers. But it is precisely these hard workers who are exposed to many risks during their work. At Wijngaarden VeiligGoed, we want to provide them with the right knowledge and resources so that they are well protected.

We fulfil our mission through the following services:

  • Adequate delivery
  • PPE-scan: decide about the right PPE together
  • SHE-meeting
  • PRO-account

Our advantages

Why our customers choose Wijngaarden VeiligGoed as their supplier of, among other things, personal protective equipment for construction? Let us tell you why:

  • More than 50 years of experience;
  • More than 40 employees, including 14 PPE consultants;
  • Ample stock in our warehouse of more than 5,000 square metres;
  • More than 3,200 customers;
  • A liver performance of 98.2%.
Personal protective equipment construction
Table of contents

Ensured proper personal protective equipment construction

Earlier, we briefly touched upon our PPE scan. From this scan, you get a clear insight into the personal protective equipment required for your and your employees' situation. So you can be sure that you choose the right personal protective equipment construction.

The steps we go through during a PPE scan are:

  1. Inventorying
  2. Analysing
  3. Delivery of advisory report

1. Inventorying

During the inventory, we like to get into conversation with the employees on the shop floor. We also look at the shop floor and take stock of the activities and machines. Of course, we are also curious to know what personal protective equipment is already being used and how it is maintained.

2. Analysing

We check the information obtained about your current personal protective equipment against laws and regulations. We also incorporate employee input.

3. Delivery of advisory report

In our advisory report, we provide an assessment of all personal protective equipment. In doing so, we give advice based on an occupational hygiene strategy. And we make an improvement plan, in which we also make recommendations for training and instruction.

A PPE scan for provides you with the following:

  • Overview and barrel on PPE
  • Cost efficiencies
  • Support and awareness
  • Enhanced protection
Personal protective equipment construction

Advice or more information on personal protective equipment construction?

Want to know more about our range or delivery of personal protective equipment construction? Get in touch with us. You can do so by phone: +31 184 43 44 55. Or via e-mail: Hope to see you soon!

Frequently asked questions on PPE for construction

Personal protective equipment (PPE) for the construction industry includes items such as safety helmets, hearing protection, safety glasses, respiratory protection, and safety shoes. These are essential to protect workers from common construction hazards such as falling objects, noise, and dust particles.

Choosing the right PPE depends on the specific risks and circumstances of your construction project. It is important to carry out a risk analysis and select PPE that will protect against the identified risks. SafeGood offers a PPE scan to help you make the right choice.

Yes, there are legal requirements for the use of PPE in construction. Employers are obliged to provide appropriate PPE and ensure proper maintenance. Workers must use the PPE provided correctly. Specific requirements may vary depending on local legislation.

Regular maintenance and inspection of PPE are crucial to ensure their effectiveness. This includes cleaning, checking for damage, and replacing parts or the entire equipment if necessary. SafeGood also offers PPE maintenance and inspection services.

Yes, VeiligGoed offers consultancy and training services in addition to the supply of PPE. These services are aimed at increasing workplace safety by making employees aware of the risks and proper use of PPE.

Personal protective equipment construction