Webinar: Cooling vests


Wednesday 19 May | 10.00-10.30

Cooling vests and other products are specially designed for cooling during (extremely) hot working conditions. In our next webinar, we will explain the capabilities of various cooling vests. After all, choosing the right cooling vest is crucial for the right effect. We see that ill-considered choices actually lead to the opposite effect.

Rein Bokslag stood at the cradle of cooling vests development. With his years of experience, he will be happy to answer your questions. Immediately after the webinar, you can video call us to spar with Rein!

What will be reflected in the webinar?
- Causes & consequences of heat stress
- Advice on the application of cooling vests
- Opportunity to spar directly with the expert
+ Free cooling towel for the first 100 registrants!

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