ASSET Rail: A contemporary jacket!


One of the customers we are proud of is ASSET Rail: a major player in track maintenance in several regions. Needless to say, personal safety is a central issue during work. In addition, appearance and sustainability are important themes. Recently, we worked with them to design a unique jacket. We are happy to let them tell you about their experience with SafeGood:

"ASSET Rail is known for its innovative and future-oriented thinking and actions, and in this context we were looking for a new and unique ASSET Rail jacket. Several colleagues within ASSET Rail had a say in the design and comfort of wearing it. VeiligGoed further designed the jacket and put it into production in close consultation with ASSET Rail. The collaboration with VeiligGoed was very pleasant and ASSET Rail's wishes were well heard by them.

Drawing ASSET RailAsset Rail workwear design

It is a beautiful jacket where look and comfort come together and more importantly, it is made of recycled materials. It is made from plastic waste bottles, among other things. So this is a nice way to contribute to the CSR policy ASSET Rail stands for."


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