Improving working conditions with PPE

Improving working conditions with PPE

When working with hazardous substances or in hazardous environments, it is crucial to have the right Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to be used to industrial accidents and injury at prevent.

As an employer, you are responsible For providing appropriate PPE and for ensuring the safety of your employees. In this article, we will discuss how the use of PPE can improve working conditions.


1. Risk analysis

It all starts with a proper risk assessment. As an employer, you are obliged to carry out the workplace risks identify and evaluate. This includes the hazard mapping must bring and identify which workers are exposed to it.

Based on this, you can determine which PPE is needed to meet the risks at minimise.


2. Choosing the right PPE

As an employer, you are responsible for the provide of appropriate PPE to your employees. It is important to ensure a Good fit and comfort, so that employees actually want to wear the PPE.

Support from your staff and awareness are key components in the road to the right PPE in the workplace. We offer educational information posters suitable for the canteen or the workplace itself. We also have an extensive collection of e-papers To improve workplace safety.

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3. Training and instruction

Providing PPE alone is not enough. It is also important to provide your employees with train and instruct in the use of PPE. This involves explaining why PPE is needed, how to use it and how to maintain and store it. It is best to outsource training and instruction to a batch those specialised is in PPE.

Wondering how such training works? Discover useful knowledge on personal safety in the workplace via Wijngaarden VeiligGoed. We provide an insight into risks, but also consider instructions for use and practical PPE tips. It is important that employers, but certainly also employees, know why PPE in the workplace is crucial.

Learn more about our PPE training?

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4. Maintenance and replacement

It is important to regularly inspect PPE maintained and to inspect To make sure they are still functioning properly. This includes checking for damage and whether PPE still fits properly. In addition, PPE should be replaced on time to ensure that it still has the necessary protection offer.

Are you already using PPE, but unsure if anything is missing? Then make sure you have structure in your PPE use. In three steps, you can use a PPE-scan understanding your occupational risks (inventory), work situation (analysis) and a comprehensive advisory report explaining which PPE is suitable in your situation. Your wishes and those of your staff are of course taken into consideration.


Benefits of using PPE

Using PPE offers several advantages:

  • PPE provides a safer work environment;
  • PPE reduces risk on occupational accidents and/or injuries;
  • PPE can be the productivity of your employees increase;
  • PPE ensures better quality and execution of work;
  • PPE helps workers to feel safer at feel in their work;
  • PPE sits comfortable and let employees do their jobs better.


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Together, we realise personal safety on the shop floor. In addition to advice and adequate supply, we relieve you of the management of work clothing and personal protective equipment.


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