How to choose a suitable gas mask?

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On this page, you will read about the different types of gas masks, buying a gas mask and using a half-mask. 

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Your protection against hazardous gases

Gas masks are crucial personal protective equipment designed to protect the user from hazardous gases, fumes, dust particles and other harmful substances in the air.

They are widely used in various industries, such as the chemical industry, construction, the oil and gas sector, and in emergency situations where toxic substances may be present in the air.

A good mask can save your life by providing you with clean and safe air to breathe.

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Buying a gas mask: What should you look out for?

When buying a mask, it is important to consider several factors to ensure you make the right choice for your specific needs. Here are some important considerations to make:

  • Types
  • Filter capacity
  • Fit and comfort
  • Quality and certification
  • Maintenance and replacement


There are different types of gas masks available, such as full-face masks and half-face masks. The type you choose depends on the degree of protection you need and the nature of the hazardous substances you are exposed to.

Full-face masks provide full protection for your face and eyes, while half-face masks only cover the mouth and nose.

Filter capacity

Different filters are suitable for different types of gases and particles. Make sure the gas mask you choose is equipped with filters specifically designed for the substances you will be exposed to. Our consultants know exactly which filter you need based on the working conditions in which the gas mask will be used.

Fit and comfort

A well-fitting gas mask is essential for effective protection. It is also important that the mask fits your face well and that there are no leakage is. Comfort is also important, especially if you wear the mask for an extended period of time.

Quality and certification

Always buy a gas mask from a reliable supplier, such as Wijngaarden VeiligGoed, to ensure you receive a high-quality and certified product. 

Our gas masks comply with strict standards and certifications, such as the European standard EN 136 for full-face masks and EN 140 for half-face masks. These certifications guarantee that the gas mask has been tested and approved for safe use.

Maintenance and replacement

It is important to regularly update the maintenance of your gas mask according to the manufacturer's instructions. This includes replacing filters and other parts according to the recommended schedules. Failure to replace filters on time can reduce the protective performance of the gas mask.

Half-mask: comfortable protection for respiratory needs

A half-face mask is a popular alternative to full-face masks in situations where less hazardous substances are present in the air of when a full face mask is not needed.

The half-mask covers the mouth and nose and offers a comfortable fit for long-term use. It is ideal for tasks such as painting, sanding, welding and other applications involving dust, fumes or solvents.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most important factors to consider when choosing a gas mask?

When choosing a gas mask, it is important to consider the type of mask, filter capacity, fit and comfort, quality and certification, and maintenance and replacement requirements.

What types of masks are there and what are their differences?

There are full-face masks, which provide full protection for the face and eyes, and half-face masks, which only cover the mouth and nose. The choice depends on the degree of protection needed.

How important is filter capacity?

Very important. Different filters are suitable for different types of gases and particles, and it is crucial to choose a gas mask with the right filters for the specific conditions.

What do I need to know about maintenance?

Regular maintenance according to the manufacturer's instructions is essential. This includes replacing filters and other parts according to recommended schedules to maintain protective performance.

Why should I choose a mask from Wijngaarden VeiligGoed?

Wijngaarden VeiligGoed offers a wide range of high-quality and certified gas masks, expert advice, excellent customer service, fast delivery and training in the correct use of the masks.

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