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For over 25 years, Wijngaarden VeiligGoed has been a regular supplier of PPE and workwear for De Klerk in Werkendam. In all that time, a lot has changed in the PPE field, especially in the standardisation requirements for clothing. The cooperation with Wijngaarden VeiligGoed has always been good and constructive. In 2008, for example, De Klerk received a workwear house style in Multinorm FR/AS design and in 2018 the range was expanded to include various casuals.

To further underline the satisfaction and continue the cooperation, a framework contract was recently concluded to provide all employees with PPE and all other protective equipment needed for work. Every employee has his or her own login code with which he or she can log into the SafeGoods website via the PRO account. In this De Klerk PPE webshop, they can then easily order the products appropriate to their job.

Gijsbert Bos, Safety Manager at De Klerk: "We consciously chose Wijngaarden VeiligGoed because of our long-standing cooperation and their proactive attitude, product knowledge and thinking along with us in practical solutions. Our employees wear their PPE throughout the working day, which also means it has to be comfortable. Think of the life vests, for instance. We had several models tested worn by employees, after which they could indicate which were the most comfortable. Eventually, we included two models, which came out best from the test, in our webshop. For our safety helmets, too, our employees are increasingly turning to the helmets traditionally known as 'climbing helmets'. Not the most inexpensive, but the most comfortable and also extra safe due to, among other things, the standard chin strap."

Cees Adriaanse, account manager Wijngaarden VeiligGoed, is happy to underline the long-standing cooperation with De Klerk: "We have the same Mission & Vision on safety. Advice and the correct use of clothing and PPE are important. Safety is also consciously working safely and is therefore a high priority. De Klerk takes good care of its staff so that they can carry out their work safely. In recent years, cooperation has intensified, including setting up and using the digital PRO account for De Klerk employees. This system is effective and efficient, also for the longer term. An efficient working method that strengthens cooperation."

It also involves employees more in the importance of the right PPE, says Gijsbert: "By choosing comfortable safety products and letting people think about them, safety awareness is increased. Partly because of this, De Klerk wants to grow from the current Step 3 on the Safety Culture Ladder to Step 4 in the future."

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