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Together with ATM Renewi Moerdijk, we helped set up their Safety Street: a place where visitors and employees learn all about PPE use, among other things. The aim is to highlight and visually visualise the use of PPE in an interactive way. Five different zones have been set up, each with its own area of work and expertise.

ATM Renewi is a large waste management company in the Moerdijk area. Every day, they convert tonnes of waste into energy and raw materials. In this way, they contribute to the circular economy. Of course, this work also involves risks. Think heat, explosion and collision risks. That is why attention to safety is indispensable!

To improve the safety culture, Peter Jan Schouten of ATM, among others, has set up a Safety Street in collaboration with VeiligGoed. "It is a central spot on the premises where visitors and employees are instructed. The topics cover all ATM's working areas: from the laboratory to maintenance engineers. There is a focus on safety around the process, but also on the PPE required in all these operations."

Cees Adriaanse, PPE consultant at Wijngaarden VeiligGoed, adds: "I particularly appreciate the fact that we were approached by ATM to think about this topic and give it further substance. Insight into the needs in terms of safety and awareness created the idea of setting up the so-called Safety Street. The added value of the Safety Street for ATM and SafeGoed is not only to supply products, but also to share knowledge and experience. In this way, we raise awareness and raise safety levels. We have been doing this together with ATM for over 30 years. So they are not only customers of SafeGood but also partners in the field of safe working."

Interactive quiz
Safety Street participants can open a PPE quiz on their own phones and search the Safety Street for the right answers. Through the questions and the visible PPE, interaction is created. This increases engagement, but also makes the information much better remembered!

VeiligGoed has been working with ATM Renewi for some time. Peter Jan: "VeiligGoed fits in well with the risk management measures we have defined using PPE. Based on these risks, they supply the PPE so that our own people, but also contractors, can work safely. Being part of our Safety Street is an extra added value from VeiligGoed, because in addition to the items, they now also provide their own expertise."

Tip from the PPE adviser

Do you want employees to remember the information at a toolbox better? Then provide interaction, for example through a quiz. This increases the involvement and motivation of all participants.

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