PPE protective clothing; types and ordering options

That wearing protective clothing is very important, of course, needs no explanation. It can be vital to be dressed with the right PPE protective clothing. But how do you get the assurance that you are wearing the right PPE protective clothing and how can you order these protective clothing?

As a supplier of PPE protective clothing (PPE stands for 'Personal Protective Equipment', which also includes protective clothing), we are ready to offer safety to working people in the Netherlands on a daily basis. We do so in the field of knowledge About PPE and the deliver of PPE products.

PPE protective clothing
PPE Protective clothing

What is covered by PPE protective clothing?

PPE, or 'Personal protective equipment' is a catch-all term. Anything that contributes to protecting the body can be subsumed under PPE. As defined from our mission statement, we have a focus on protecting the 'hard workers in the workplace'.

At the foundation of our society and economy are the hard workers. But it is precisely these hard workers who are exposed to many risks during their work. At Wijngaarden VeiligGoed, we want to provide them with the right knowledge and resources so that they are well protected.

We have translated this mission into our four pillars in our services:

  • Adequate delivery
  • PPE-scan: decide about the right PPE together
  • SHE-meeting
  • PRO-account

Types of PPE protective clothing

We have a wide range of PPE products. We can always deliver this wide range quickly, due to our large stock in our warehouse of more than 5.000 square metres.

Broadly speaking, we distinguish two types of PPE products. Products falling under PPE protective clothing. And products that are not so much as clothing, but offer protection to the body. Such as hearing protection or eye and face protection.

Our range is compiled from the relevant occupational risks. See all risks at this page and find out which products can be used to protect each risk.

We have divided our product offering into several product categories (which are thus grafted onto the occupational risks described above). Via this page you will find the overview of that.

From the products falling under PPE protective clothing we list:

  • Protective clothing
  • Safety shoes
  • Cooling vests
  • Representive clothing

Products that do not fall under PPE protective clothing so much as PPE are:

  • Fall protection
  • life jackets
  • Eye and face protection
  • Head protection
  • Hand protection
  • Hearing protection
  • Respiratory protection
PPE protective clothing
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How can PPE protective clothing be ordered?

We believe it is important that our customers are equipped with the Dear, but also with the most relevant products. By this, we mean that it is important for you to actually wear the PPE protective clothing that offers the best protection within the working conditions of you or your colleagues.

For that reason, one of our advisers would like to meet with you once. To hear what PPE protective clothing you need and the nature of your work and working conditions. Our consultant will then be happy to do you a proposal for the products to be deployed.

Do you already know exactly what you want to order? If so, you can also let us know by mail or phone. We can be reached at: info@veiliggoed.nl or +31 184 43 44 55. Of course, you are also welcome to visit our safety shop, where you can see and even try on our product range for yourself.


A more comprehensive check of the PPE-producten that you already use and need? Then check out our page on our PPE scan. From three steps, namely inventory, analysis and results, we deliver:

  • Grip and overview
  • Cost reduction
  • Awareness and support
  • Better protection
PPE protective clothing

Welcome to Wijngaarden VeiligGoed!

We are based in Sliedrecht, located between Gorinchem and Dordrecht. But operate nationwide and even internationally for more than 3,200 clients. These clients operate in various industries, the main industries we serve are:

  • Maritime and offshore
  • Metal industry
  • (Petro)chemistry
  • Construction
  • Installation
  • Logistics.

We do this with a team of more than 40 colleagues. With more than 50 years of experience we have an extensive track record and are a well-known name in the world of PPE.

We believe it is important to provide protective clothing, in addition to PPE knowledge and information offer that contributes to improved workplace safety.

Do you opt for Wijngaarden VeiligGoed, then you choose expertise and thoroughness. With a liver performance of 98.2 % our customers experience an extremely high adequate delivery.

Want to know more or get in touch? We can be reached at: info@veiliggoed.nl or +31 184 43 44 55.

PPE Protective clothing

Frequently asked questions on protective clothing

PPE protective clothing refers to garments and accessories designed to protect the wearer from potential workplace hazards. This can range from helmets and safety glasses to high-visibility vests and fire-retardant clothing. The importance of this clothing lies in providing an essential safety barrier against accidents and health hazards in various work environments.

Various types of PPE protective clothing are available, including head protection (such as safety helmets), eye protection (such as safety glasses), hearing protection (such as earplugs), hand protection (such as work gloves), foot protection (such as safety shoes) and body protection (such as protective coveralls).

Choosing the right protective clothing depends on the specific risks and requirements of your working environment. It is important to assess the risks and choose clothing that meets the relevant safety standards and is comfortable enough to wear throughout the working day.

Proper maintenance is crucial to ensure the effectiveness of protective clothing. This includes regular inspection for damage, proper cleaning according to the manufacturer's instructions, and storing in a dry, clean place. Damaged or worn clothing should be replaced.

Yes, there are specific legal requirements and standards for the use of PPE clothing. These requirements may vary depending on the sector and country. Employers are obliged to provide appropriate PPE clothing and ensure that workers use the clothing correctly.