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Discover the five important aspects when choosing a PPE helmet

The PPE helmet, or personal protective equipment helmet, is an essential piece of equipment for workers in the various industries where safety plays an important role. 

From construction and industrial companies to offshore and transport companies, these helmets provide protection from potential workplace hazards.

Wijngaarden VeiligGoed is one of the largest suppliers in the field of PPE (personal protective equipment) in the Netherlands. 

From Sliedrecht, we serve clients in the following areas, among others branches:

  • Industry.
  • Offshore;
  • Municipality and governments;
  • Construction;
  • Installation;
  • Greenery;
  • Transport and logistics.

We briefly explain for each industry what the PPE helmet is for. 

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PPE helmet industries

Construction and industry

In the construction and industrial sectors, the PPE helmet required for employees working at height or in areas where there is a risk of falling. 

This can be the case, for example, in construction projects where workers work on scaffolding or roofs. But also in factories where there is a risk of crashing material. 

These helmets are specially designed to provide safety against falling material.


In the offshore industry, PPE helmets are also of great importance. Employees in this industry often work in hazardous environments, such as on a oil platform or near machines.

These helmets offer protection from potential injuries that may arise from explosions, fire or fall hazards.

Municipality and governments

Municipalities and governments often use PPE helmets during disaster relief or other emergencies. 

These helmets are specially designed to withstand impact from falling material and other potential hazards that may arise during a disaster.


In the installation industry, the PPE helmet is used by employees who work with high voltage, for example. Such as electricians working on transformers. But also employees working with gas pipes. 

These helmets offer protection from potential electric shock or explosions.


In the landscaping sector, PPE helmets are used when there is a risk of falling or falling material.

Transport and logistics

In the transport and logistics industry, PPE helmets are required for employees working in hazardous environments. Such as in the port, but also while loading and unloading trucks. 

PPE helmet

Five important aspects when choosing a PPE helmet

If you are looking for a safety helmet, it is important to pay attention to a few things to make sure it meets the right requirements.

  • Certification;
  • Fit;
  • Protection;
  • Lifespan.


Make sure the helmet is certified to the appropriate standards. This can vary depending on the country or industry you work in, but popular standards include, for example, the American ANSI Z89.1 and the European EN 397.


A safety helmet should be comfortable and fit well. Try out different sizes and models to make sure the helmet fits your head properly and not too loose or too tight sits.


Make sure the helmet offers the right protection for the specific activity you will be using it for.

A safety helmet should be sturdy and durable. Make sure the helmet is not too easily damaged and that there are no visible defects.

PPE helmet

Selecting the right helmet

When choosing PPE helmets, it is important to consider the specific requirements of the workplace and the possible risks who are present. 

There are different types of PPE helmets, each with their own unique features and level of protection. It is therefore important to consult with an expert in safety and protective equipment to choose the right helmet for the specific situation.

To do so, you can contact contact us. Our advisers will be happy to discuss the situation your employees are working in and, from there, provide appropriate advice on the best PPE (helmet).

Supplier of PPE helmets; Wijngaarden VeiligGoed

Wijngaarden VeiligGoed is an established name in the world of personal protective equipment and has over 50 years of experience. 

In these 50 years, we have had the privilege of helping thousands of customers get safe workwear.

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Frequently asked questions PPE Helmet

What is a PPE helmet?

A PPE helmet is a type of head protection used in various industries to protect workers from head injuries. These helmets are designed to reduce the impact of falling objects and other head-related hazards.

When should a helmet be worn?

PPE helmets should be worn in work areas where there is a risk of head injury from falling objects, bumping into solid objects, or when working at height.

How do I choose the right helmet?

When choosing a PPE helmet, it is important to consider the specific hazards of the working environment. Look at the safety standards (such as EN 397 for Europe), material, comfort, and adjustability of the helmet.

How do I know if my PPE helmet is still safe?

Check the helmet regularly for visible damage and check the manufacturer's expiry date. If the helmet has suffered a strong impact, it should be replaced.

What are the legal requirements for PPE helmets?

Legal requirements vary by country, but generally PPE helmets must meet specific safety standards and be regularly inspected and maintained.

PPE helmet
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