This is how you choose the best PPE supplier in 2024

What should you look for when choosing a PPE supplier? On this page, we look at all aspects of PPE. After all, where do you start? And which supplier best suits your needs?

The following topics will be covered:

  • What is Personal Protective Equipment? (PPE)
  • What do you want a PPE specialist to comply with?
  • How to ensure a safe workplace with PPE
  • Start with a PPE scan

Let's get started!

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What is Personal Protective Equipment?

The name actually says it all:

"PPE consists of any equipment you can wear to protect yourself from risks. These can be both safety and health risks."

PPE is often seen in occupations where these risks are higher. Think crane operators, road workers or workers who may come into contact with chemicals. PPE is not exclusive to work environments. You can also do well to use PPE for home.

Examples of PPE include:


PPE is often combined with company clothing. This way, employers ensure that every employee meets safety standards. Curious about all types of PPE products? Then click on the following link:

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What do you want a PPE specialist to comply with?

When you start looking for a PPE supplier yourself, the following questions can help you in the search.

  • How much experience does the PPE specialist have?
  • What industries do they supply for?
  • Can they deliver quickly?
  • Do they have enough stock?
  • Are they just suppliers or do they also think with the customer?

Depending on your requirements and the size of your request or order, you can choose from several providers in PPE.

Table of contents

How to ensure a safe workplace with PPE?

1. Inventorying

First of all, you want the occupational risks mapping. This starts with an analysis of the workplace, combined with the purpose of use by workers. After all, they are the (future) wearers of PPE.

If PPE is already being used, it is also useful to manage and maintenance mapping. For example, whether maintenance has been carried out recently. And whether maintenance is sufficient to ensure quality. 

2. Analysing

Talking to employees and thus having all their needs and wishes listed is the biggest step. Add to that a check of applicable laws and regulations, and you have a complete analysis of PPE use in the organisation.

3. Result

We often call it PPE matrix. Or the assessment of PPE by task within the company. We often summarise this in a large worksheet. Based on the 'result', a PPE specialist can hook on to make a draw up improvement plan for operation and maintenance.

Possibly you can fly in a PPE specialist for any training and on-the-job instruction.

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Tip: Have a PPE scan carried out by a specialist

Wijngaarden VeiligGoed offers PPE scans for companies in diverse branches. By mapping the occupational hazards, we can understand the PPE required.

In doing so, we take into account the wishes and needs of staff. In addition, we are a sparring partner in implementation and provide training and webinars.

We also offer ongoing maintenance. As a result, you have everything hair-triggered. The PPE scan is performed by a recognised PPE specialist and reviewed by a safety expert.

The PPE supplier with 50+ years of experience

Wijngaarden VeiligGoed customers can be found all over the world. Even though safety and health requirements are sky-high. This does not deter us. With our expertise and personal role as PPE specialists, we are prepared for any challenge on the shop floor.

PPE supplier with its own employee software

Our big differentiator is the use of our PRO account. It is the personal webshop where employees order their own products.

Here, you as the employer determine which products he/she can order and in what quantities. Personalisation of sizes, delivery address, etc. ensure easy entry for employees. This increases support and pleasure in wearing PPE.

We would be happy to tell you more about our PPE solutions. Contact us using the following form.

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