Find out all about the cool wristband!

The cool wristband is one of the accessories often used to complement a cooling vest is worn. However, wearing only a cool wristband is also quite possible and already has significant impact on cooling the body.

We will be happy to tell you more about how the cooling wristband works and its impact. And what other cooling accessories you can combine it with.

Cool wristband

How a cool wristband works

Cooling accessories provide cooling to the body, in places where the body radiates body heat. Think, for example, of the neck (neck cooler), the wrist (cool wristband), the head (cooling cap and neck flap) and the foot (cooling shoe).

In these areas of the body, the blood flows on the surface. By cooling the blood in these places, the whole body enjoys it through the blood circulation.

Of course, cooling is always relative. The effect, of course, depends on several factors. Such as ambient temperatures and exposure to the sun or other heat source.

If no measures are taken to provide cooling to the body, the body will experience faster heat stress. The cooling bracelet, as well as other cooling accessories, thereby deliver a significant contribution to cooling the body.

Facts about the cool wristband

What exactly does a cooling wristband contribute to cooling the body? What results does a cooling wristband achieve? We list it for you:

  • The cooling wristband offers up to 15 degrees of cooling compared to the ambient temperature.
  • The cooling wristband offers up to eight hours of cooling effect.
  • The cool wristband is lightweight and comfortable to wear.
  • The wristband is easy to use (and can be used again and again).
  • You can clean the cool wristband in the washing machine.
  • CE approved.

Who is this wristband suitable for?

When to use a cooling wristband? We see that our customers use the wristband for many different purposes. Of course, the cooling wristband is widely used during the work. For example, by those who work in the sun in summer, or conversely by those who are exposed to a heat source in a building (or vehicle).

Another group of users are sports enthusiasts. Those cooling wristband especially use during the sports, such as tennis players or runners. And of course there is also a large group of recreational users. Such as motorcyclists, who mainly use accessories like the cool wristband in combination with a cooling vest (and helmet cooler).

Man with cool wristband
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Which cool wristband do we offer?

As a supplier of personal protective equipment (PPE) we value quality. Our products must deliver what they are intended for. For that reason, we have developed the cooling wristband from Inuteq in our range recorded.

We supply the cooling wristband in a set of two. For the competitive price of €14.83 (ex. VAT). For orders with an order amount over € 50, we do not charge any shipping costs. The cool wristband, as well as other cooling accessories and the range of cooling vests, can be viewed and ordered via our external webshop:

We maintain fast shipping after the order is placed. Order on working days before 15:00? Then we will send same day your order.

Advice on the best applications for your situation?

Accessories, such as the cooling bracelet, are always convenient to use and make a significant contribution in cooling your body. Want even more cooling impact? Then consider buying a cooling vest.

Which cooling vest you choose obviously depends on your situation. For instance, the choice depends on whether you use a cooling vest indoors or outdoors. To give you the best possible service and to make sure you make the right choice, we would like to give you the following information advice about your purchase. Our advisers will be happy to talk to you and select the most suitable products based on your situation and requirements.

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