At VeiligGoed, we have a lot of experience with advising about and the supply of eye and face protection. We always have the well-known brands in stock, so we can deliver quickly.  

Usually, you will be working with your face turned towards your work. That’s only logical, but sometimes this can be dangerous. Good protection of your eyes and the rest of your face is therefore very important. But which protection will you opt for?

Do you work with dust, fire, heat or chemicals? Do you use multiple PPE for your head? Do you wear goggles? All these questions will influence your selection. On this page, we provide important information about eye and face protection. It is important that the combination of this PPE does not lead to complaints or reduced visibility.   

Eye protection

In case of eye protection, only the eyes will be protected, whereas the rest of the face remains unprotected. So, this regards safety goggles. During the selection you have various options: 

  • Shape: standard goggles, fit over goggles or cyclops safety goggles 
  • Coatings: anti-condensation, anti-scratch or polarisation 
  • Material: polycarbonate or acetate  
  • Colour: clear, amber, green or smoke  

Face protection

In case of face protection, the entire face is protected, from forehead to chin. During the selection you have various options: different options: 

  • Shape: welding shield or mesh visor or standard face shield (e.g. during the Covid pandemic) 
  • In combination with the helmet as a visor 


  • NEN-EN 166 Requirements for safety glass, specifications
  • NEN-EN 167 Optical tests
  • NEN-EN 168 NEN-EN 168 Non-optical tests
  • NEN-EN 169 Filters for welding and related techniques
  • NEN-EN 170 Ultraviolet-filter
  • NEN-EN 171 Infrared-filter
  • NEN-EN 172 Sunlight filters for industrial use
  • NEN-EN 175 Tools for eye and face protection during welding and related processes
  • NEN-EN 207 Filters and eye protectors against laser radiation
  • NEN-EN 379 Automatic welding filters 

Lens marking

The safety properties mentioned are documented in a compulsory marking on the lens and the frame. This will state the protection specifications of the goggles. You can select your safety goggles on the basis of these protection requirements. The following will be included in the lens marking: 

  • Scope: type filtering (2-6); 
  • Shade: colourless (C) or tinted; 
  • Protection class: impact of light (1,2-6); 
  • logo: of the supplier; 
  • Optical class: distortion of the image (1-3); 
  • Mechanical resistance (S, F, B, A, K, N + T). 
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The selection of eye and face protection requires meticulousness. Often, false safety will be in place; employees believe that they are working safely, but in an emergency situation, they appear to be using the wrong PPE. Therefore, take your risk-inventory or H&S catalogue as a starting point and ask advice from our PPE-consultants.

Julian Bal - Strategic PPE advisor

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