At VeiligGoed, we have a lot of experience with advising about and the supply of fall protection. We always have the well-known brands in stock, so we can deliver quickly. We also give frequent training regarding the correct use of fall protection.  

Fall protection is a very important PPE at many workplaces. For instance, the construction and installation sector, but also in the industry and in shipping. At VeiligGoed, we have a lot of expertise in this field. Our consultants will be happy to share their knowledge!

Within fall protection, the following disciplines can be distinguished:

  • Positioning: in this instance, you reduce the work area by means of a line. The user attaches himself to a central anchoring point and sets the length to what is maximally required. This will prevent you from falling over the edge of a roof or plateau.
  • Fall protection: your fall can be stopped by a fall arrestor. This material reduces the height of the fall, so you will not fall onto the substrate. It also ensures that the forces of the stop remain limited (no more than 6 kilo Newton). This is important, because more power on the body will cause serious injury! When dealing with fall protection, you will thus always come across an absorbing system.
  • Climbing material for maintenance of trees: the maintenance of trees requires special material to safely relocate in trees. In addition, you will work with special lines, due to the cutting hazard.
  • Rope Access: working at height, by means of rope technique. A method for special work activities, in case a cherry picker does not present a solution. This climbing technique is permitted for professionals only.
  • Lanyards (Protection for tools): by attaching tools and materials to an object or personal harness, you prevent them from falling, which would cause a risk for the employees working at a lower level.
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Before using the materials, you must inspect them. Upon finishing, you must clean and maintain the components. See to sufficient ventilation while storing them. Never use chloride, bleach or an abrasive to clean your safety harness. Allow your harness to dry by use of ventilation, and do not use a hair dryer or heating.


This protective equipment must be inspected by a competent person, at least once per year or after a fall. In the Netherlands, this must be done by a person with sufficient expertise or one assigned by the manufacturer. In Belgium, this is done by an independent body. 

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The selection of fall protection requires meticulousness. Take your risk-inventory or H&S catalogue as a starting point and seek advice from our PPE-consultants, who have a lot of experience with different situations at work. This way, you will comply with the laws and regulations and additionally, you can guarantee the safety at work.

Stefan de Wit - Strategic PPE advisor

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