At VeiligGoed, we have been supplying PPE for employees on and around the water for decades. For instance work on ships, at shipyards or on platforms at sea. Life vests are essential means of protection here. We see to the delivery and inspection of various types of life vests.   

A life vest is a vest that keeps a drowning person floating. The positive thing, relative to other buoyancy aids (such as a personal flotation device) is that the life vest also corrects the victim’s posture. As a result, the face will always remain above the water surface, even if the drowning person is unconscious.


An official life vest will comply with the EN12402-norm. This standard comes in 4 categories, depending on the buoyancy and the risks:

  • Category 50 Newton: 'flotation device' so no life jacket  
  • Category 100 Newton: inland waterways with limited risk 
  • Category 150 Newton: coastal waters and safe in the event of unconsciousness 
  • Category 275 Newton: open sea in severe conditions. 

A life vest will function only if it fits well, so during purchase, it is very important to try on the life vest.

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A life vest will only fill with air at the moment you fall into the water. We offer the fully automatic variant only. This means that the life vest will be activated as soon as it comes in contact with water. There are also two types of the fully automatic variant: a dissolving pill and a system based on water pressure. For certainty purposes, these are also fitted with a pull cord.  

Which requirements are in place for inspection and maintenance?

  • Before the ship departs, all rescue equipment must be checked and be ready for use. 
  • A monthly inspection on damage is compulsory. 
  • All checks and maintenance must be kept in a register. 
  • In case of damage and at least once per year, full maintenance of the rescue equipment, by a certified body, is required.
  • Standard flotation suits do not require maintenance, except in case of damage to the suit. All life vests or suits with inflatable chambers require maintenance. 
  • CE-certified inflatable chambers must be inspected and maintained annually, by the manufacturer or a competent local organisation. 
  • SOLAS- certified inflatable life vests must be inspected and maintained annually, by an MCA-recognised and registered centre for maintenance. In this instance, a register is kept per individual life vest. 
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The selection of life vests can be a complex matter. Particularly in combination with other PPE. Take your risk-inventory or H&S catalogue as a starting point and seek advice from our PPE-consultants, who have a lot of experience with different situations at work. This way, you will comply with the laws and regulations and additionally, you can guarantee the safety at work.

Batina Corporal - Operational PPE advisor

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