Clothing pack for Damen Shipyards Galatia


Our relationship with Damen goes back quite a few years. We are proud to be able to supply various shipyards. Nevertheless, we notice a gradual shift from supply to selection and relieve with regard to clothing and PPE. A nice example of this is putting together a completely new workwear package for one of the largest shipyards in Europe: Damen Shipyards Galatz in Romania.  

HSEQ Coordinator Christian Bazen:
"In Galatz, we had our biggest shipyard, meanwhile an even bigger shipyard got connected to the group. By the end of 2017, they came up with the request for a new workwear package for 3,000 employees. 

It took a bit more time than expected, but then we were extremely critical on the current standard. Together we looked at what was minimally necessary, while at the same time, we tried to retain the nice to haves as much as possible. As such, we came up with a combination of the best practices.

“After such an intensive project, the final solution is better than what a ‘quickie’ could have realised”

We want to create the best possible support for the clothing package. For that reason, VeiligGoed made an instruction video in Romanian. An ideal solution to inform the staff and to motivate them to work safely. 

The typical thing about the collaboration with VeiligGoed is the open and honest dealing with each other. This ensures understanding and insight in the choices made. For this project, we jointly explored the possibilities, solved the impossibilities, while the final solution is better that what ‘quickie’ could have realised.” 

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