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Teaching. Guiding, Networking. The life of a teacher is quite busy. But the care for and safety of students requires all possible attention. Still, this turns out to be quite difficult in practice. Ordering, replacing, the right sizes… How can this be organised better? 

VeiligGoed is the specialist in workwear, work shoes and PPE. For decades, we have been supplying large numbers of companies. Including educational institutes! Find out below what we can offer to construction workers: 

Our PRO-account is an essential resource when it comes to relief: on the basis of limits, the students themselves can (re)order their package. It will be delivered at home or at school. We keep direct contact with the student or the parents. This way, you no longer need to worry about it. 

We are keen to find out whether we can do something for you too. After all, safety is an indispensable aspect in the development of young professionals. Furthermore, it is a great representation if the students look smart, don’t you think so? 

The added value of VeiligGoed: 

  1. No hassle: our PRO-account supplies individual PPE and workwear packages. We have direct contact with the tutor, as well as with the wearer or parent.
  2. Full service: we study all the occupational risks in the work environment. And we dress tutors as well as students! 
  3. Train the trainer: risk awareness is an art in itself. We facilitate SHE meetings and PPE-instructions. 
  4. Network function: we are in close contact with many future employers of the students! 

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