Special jacket for Nature's Pride


Nature's Pride is a supplier of over 500 unique fruit and vegetable varieties from more than 70 countries. In Maasdijk, these products are checked, ripened, packaged and prepared for shipment to customers. Together with Nature's Pride we have put together a unique special for the entire logistics department.

For safety reasons, Nature's Pride decided to design a new jacket for the logistics staff in Maasdijk. They work in different work areas where the temperature varies from 2 to 12 degrees Celsius. So the degree of insulation should not be too high, but certainly not too low. In addition, there are high visibility and hygiene requirements. 

It soon became clear, due to the large number of wishes, that a standard coat was not an option. Therefore, an exclusive special was chosen. This is an intensive and time-consuming route, but the great advantage is that it is much more in line with the customer's wishes. 

Continuous improvement process
In partnership with SafeGood, Nature's Pride went through the entire process of creating a custom made jacket that meets all the requirements. For example, they chose reflective accents, contrasting shoulder patches and an ergonomic fit. Appearance was also a key focus to create a corporate identity to be realised. After feedback from employees, the jacket was completely fine-tuned. So a lot of time was put into the initial phase of the project. There have also been several tests with employees to make sure that the insulation value of the jacket is sufficient. After all, nobody wants to work in a jacket that is too cold or too warm.  

After the coat received final approval, VeiligGoed supplied a whole batch of all sizes and a fitting session was organised. The old coats were collected and, together with VeiligGoed, Nature's Pride had them recycled.

Through intensive cooperation between manufacturer, supplier and Nature's Pride we carried out this process satisfactorily. We were able to switch quickly and thus meet the deadlines. The jacket now worn is one that meets the needs of all employees. As a result, they are happily worn and the production has a nice, uniform appearance

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