Heijmans has new clothes in hand


After an intensive process from tender to execution, the time has come; Heijmans has new company clothing and PPE in its hands. We are proud of the fantastic cooperation with these 'makers of a healthy living environment'.

Like Wijngaarden VeiligGoed, Heijmans wants to contribute to the creation of a healthy and safe working and living environment. Everyone wants to breathe clean air, live in a nice neighbourhood, enjoy beautiful nature, work in a good workplace, travel safely from A to B and come home healthy at the end of the day. Not for nothing does Heijmans say: 'We work safely or we don't work at all!'. In order to work safely, the right workwear and PPE are crucial, among other things. For example, work clothing must comply with the right standards, but must also be comfortable to perform your work properly. Heijmans employees now wear safe and comfortable workwear and PPE from Wijngaarden VeiligGoed!

Formation of our cooperation
In the tender issued by Heijmans last year, the following aspects were important:

  • Safety
  • Users
  • Circularity
  • Chain direction


Another important aspect is the continuous improvement, streamlining and sustainability of the clothing and BPM with the ultimate goal of a fully circular clothing and PPE package, which meets the user's needs.

Wearing test and fitting sessions
Each division within Heijmans has different requirements, which were taken into account in a thorough preparation. To focus on the user, a wearer trial was conducted in which 50 employees tested the clothing and PPE. Fitting sessions were then organised throughout the Netherlands to give every employee the opportunity to try on the new clothing. These fitting sessions enabled the right size to be entered into the personal web shop in advance. In this webshop, called SafeGoed Pro account, more than 4,000 employees can now order their own clothing and PPE digitally. Most of these orders are delivered the next day, to an address of their choice. So no one has to wait long for safe and comfortable workwear.

The video below beautifully captures the whole process and the end result!

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