Reduce fall hazards with these five measures!

Fall hazards are a serious issue. Not for nothing does the occupational hazard 'falling from height' have a number one position in the list of occupational fatalities. Attention in the workplace to fall hazards is imperative. 

On this page, we take you into the world of falls from height and address the questions; when do we talk about fall hazards, what are the rules and what to do to minimise fall hazards.

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Fall hazard

What do we mean by fall hazard?

In all places where there is a difference in height, there is a danger of falling. In practice, it is much more common for employees to fall from a small height than from a great height. However, the consequences are often much smaller when falling from a small height. This is because the impact of a high fall is much greater. Eliminating the risk of falls when working at (great) heights should be a top priority. We support our customers in this by supplying the right, high-quality fall protection. But also by advising on workplace support for compliance with laws and regulations.

Fall hazard laws and regulations

What exactly are the rules when it comes to fall hazards? In short, it boils down to the following; if fall protection is missing when working at a height of more than 2.5 metres, or in risky conditions below 2.5 metres, it is legally an offence.

In practice, this means that sound fall protection must always be used when working at height. Work may only be carried out from sound equipment, such as safe scaffolding. Is work being carried out below 2.5 metres, but under risky conditions? Even then fall protection is mandatory. Think, for instance, of situations such as working above traffic or pipes.

There are several laws in force when it comes to fall hazards and working at height. We would like to refer to:

  • Health and Safety Decree article 3.16: Preventing fall hazards - the employer must take the necessary measures.
  • Working Conditions Decree article 7.18b: hoisting and lifting gear for persons.
  • Working Conditions Decree article 7.23: use of work equipment for working at height, such as ladders, scaffolds and steps.
  • Working Conditions Decree article 7.34: scaffolds.
Man with fall protection

Table of contents

Preventing falls

We broadly distinguish five disciplines within the occupational risk of falling. These are:

  • Postioning
  • Fall protection
  • Climbing equipment for tree maintenance
  • Rope Access
  • Protection for tools


Through this technique, the working area is limited. A line connects the user to a central anchoring point.

Fall protection

When you do fall, fall protection stops the fall. Not only does it stop the fall, it also reduces the forces of the fall, preventing injuries to the body.

Climbing equipment for tree maintenance

Tree maintenance requires special fall protection. These include special lines in connection with the danger of cutting.

Rope access

Is the place where work needs to be done inaccessible with an aerial platform, for example? Then rope technique offers a solution. This technique is for professionals only.

Protection for tools

Falling tools can also pose a risk, especially for lower-level employees. An object or a belt in which tools are stored can reduce this risk.

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