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When you think of a PPE kit, you think of complete workplace safety care. On this page, we zoom in on different occupational risks and the best choice in terms of PPE kit.

Upcoming topics include:

  • Inventory of PPE
  • Application of PPE
  • How to choose the best PPE package?
  • Meet a specialist in PPE sets

Let's start by looking at PPE. What is it? And what do you need?

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Inventory of PPE

Recognise and prevent workplace risks. Before buying PPE for your business, it is important to first of all identify all occupational risks.

Ask yourself
Which hazards apply?


It can help to observe the workplace, conduct interviews with users and also identify employee needs and wants. Also note whether current PPE is still up-to-date. In the interest of safety, there are specific requirements for use of PPE laid down by law.

A PPE scan can help identify all occupational risks. We often see a gap between theory (laws and regulations) and implementation in the workplace. Often employers do not know what requirements apply at their company. Also, employees are not always satisfied with use of current resources.

Don't wait until you miss an inspection where the risks are not properly covered. Or worse, don't wait until a workplace accident occurs. Most risks are preventable with proper application of PPE.

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Table of contents

Application of PPE

Personal Protective Equipment. Loved and feared. After all, it is not always comfortable to carry out work completely wrapped in PPE. In high-risk occupations, there is unfortunately nothing else to do. PPE is compulsory, necessary and secretly pleasant.

Protect health and safety

From yourself and your staff. PPE has fortunately been adopted by many PPE suppliers developed so that comfort is also high on the agenda. You work all your life. Let it at least be pleasant to wear PPE.

Create support

Once the importance of safety and comfort is known, you also want to convince staff that it works. Consciousness is crucial in this. After all, you don't just create safety with an obligation. Support and awareness for safe working are particularly important.

Tip: Hang information posters in strategic places on the company premises. For example in the canteen or changing rooms

How to choose the best PPE package?

This choice stands or falls with the range of the PPE supplier in question. We believe you can base the best choice on: experience, speed of delivery, stock, size of company and in-house specialism.

PPE set including toolbox

Sometimes just having the right protective equipment in house is not enough. In that case, it is useful to have one PPE toolbox to add.

A toolbox PPE not only contains the PPE itself, you also receive explanation of the correct use of protective equipment, understanding of associated laws and regulations, and understanding of the rights and obligations of employer and employee.

Want to know more about a PPE toolbox?

Meet a specialist in PPE sets!

Providing hard workers with the right knowledge and resources so that they are well protected. That is the premise of Wijngaarden VeiligGoed.

With over 50 years of experience, we are a leading supplier of PPE, footwear and workwear. Our clothing is worn worldwide, but that's just a tip of the iceberg. With more than 40 motivated PPE consultants and national coverage, we are also in your area.

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Our advantage? We work with a diverse clientele. Thus, we have knowledge and expertise in diverse industries. As a result, we know the secrets of all laws and regulations. Dutch and international. We advise, think with you and measure you for the right protective equipment. Curious about a tailor-made solution for your occupational risks? Then do not wait any longer to meet a PPE advisor from Wijngaarden VeiligGoed. You can easily contact us using the following form.

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