What is a good sports cooling vest?

Are you an avid athlete and would like to keep exercising even during the hot summer days? Then wearing a cooling vest is ideally suited. What is a good sports cooling vest? And how exactly does such a cooling vest work?

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Sport cooling vest

What types of cooling vests are there?

We distinguish three types cooling vests. Not all of them are suitable as sports cooling vest. Other situations, such as working in very hot conditions where it is mandatory to wear workwear over the cooling vest, mean that a different type of cooling vest is more appropriate.

The three types of cooling vests are:

  1. Cooling vests with evaporation technology
  2. Cooling vests with cooling elements
  3. Cooling vests with immersion technology

The cooling vest with cooling elements is the only cooling vest where (work) clothes over the vest can be worn.

Both the other two types of cooling vests work by evaporation, so it is not possible to wear clothing over the cooling vest.

Which cooling vest is a suitable sports cooling vest?

During exercise, there is no need to wear clothing over the cooling vest. In theory, why both the cooling vest with the evaporation technique and the cooling vest with immersion technique would be suitable.

In practice, however, we recommend the cooling vest with immersion technology. This is because this cooling vest has the least weight and moves most flexibly with the body.

Sports cooling vest

Sports cooling vest 'Bodycool Basic by Inuteq'

We recommend the Bodycool Basic from the Inuteq brand as the best cooling vest for when exercising. This cooling vest is easy to use and lightweight.

The Bodycool Basic cools the body by up to 15 degrees compared to ambient temperature. With up to eight hours of active operation, this cooling vest is also suitable for the longer moments of exertion.

Of course, this cooling vest is not only suitable for sports. In practice, it is used during work, leisure and sports.

This sports cooling vest works by evaporation. Air currents along the body and the cooling vest provide the cooling effect. The vest is easily activated by immersing it in (cold) water and then squeezing it out thoroughly.

best sports cooling vest
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Sports cooling vest specifications:

Once again, we list all the specifications of the Bodycool Basic:

  • The cooling vest is machine washable.
  • This sports cooling vest is easy to use and, of course, reusable.
  • Because the cooling vest is lightweight, it is very comfortable to wear. Convenient, especially during sports.
  • The sports cooling vest provides up to 15 degrees of cooling to the body compared to the ambient temperature.
  • The Bodycool Basic cools the body for up to eight hours.
  • The cooling vest has a CE mark.

Instructions for using the Bodycool Basic

  1. Wet the vest for one to two minutes, e.g. in a bucket of water.
  2. Remove the vest from the bucket of water and dry it well. By rolling up the vest and squeezing it.
  3. Wipe the vest with a cloth, as the clothes will not get wet while wearing the vest.
  4. The sports cooling vest is ready for use.

Points of attention during use

It is important to have a well-fitting cooling vest. The more space there is between the body and the vest, the less effect the cooling effect will have. In practice, we therefore often see that the cooling vest is ordered one size smaller than the clothing size.

Another important consideration is drying the cooling vest after it has been washed in the washing machine. The cooling vest should not be tumble-dried. Therefore, always use a clothes hanger and hang the cardigan (in the sun, for example).

Ordering via koelvesten.nu

This product, suitable as sports cooling vest, is available from our external webshop 'koelvesten.nu'. This webshop is entirely dedicated to our range of refrigeration products and can be used by both individuals and companies. Besides the cooling vests, we also offer a wide range of cooling accessories. Such as the cooling cap, the neck cooler and the cooling wristband.

Inuteq's Bodycool Basic can be ordered in the colours black and yellow and in sizes from S to XXXL. The price of this sports cooling vest is €41.28 excluding VAT. (price changes reserved). 

Do you order on a working day before 3pm? Then we will dispatch your order the same day (if in stock).

More information or advice? Contact us at: 0184 434455. Or by sending an e-mail to: info@veiliggoed.nl.

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Frequently asked questions sport cooling vest

A sports cooling vest helps regulate body temperature during intense workouts, especially in hot conditions, allowing you to exercise longer and more comfortably.

Yes, it is designed for a wide range of sports activities, especially those where high temperatures and physical exertion are challenging.

The cooling effect is almost immediate after the vest is activated by immersing it in water and wringing it out.

Sport cooling vests, such as the Bodycool Basic, are designed to be flexible and lightweight, so they do not restrict freedom of movement during exercise.

Rinse the vest after each use and wash it according to the instructions. Avoid using the dryer and air dry on a clothes hanger.