Neck cooler: types, operation and ordering

Protecting yourself from overheating? Then choose to use refrigerated products. The neck cooler is one such cooling product. On this page, learn more about how the neck cooler works, its effect, types and specifications.

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The neck cooler is one of the accessories often used in combination with a cooling vest. But this product also lends itself well to independent use.

Indeed, the impact is of a cooler on the body is significant (offers up to 15 degrees of protection compared to the ambient temperature).

Whether you opt for a neck cooler alone or in combination with other products, of course, depends on the situation. Such as ambient temperatures and the body's physical efforts.

Neck cooler

How a neck cooler works

Cooling accessories, such as the neck cooler, are applied to areas of the body where blood flows and veins are close to the surface.

By cooling the body in precisely those areas, the blood is also cooled. As the blood circulates through the body, the whole body benefits from local cooling.

Types of neck coolers

We offer two different neck coolers. The regular neck cooler, which is suitable for everyone. And the neck flap, which should be attached to a (construction) helmet.

In doing so, the latter neck flap is obviously intended more for people who use this cooling accessory while working.

Neck cooler users

The neck cooler, on the other hand, is used by a wide range of users. In practice, we see that the regular neck cooler gets a lot of work-related used. But also by sports enthusiasts, such as tennis players and runners. Or just by users enjoying their hobby, like motorcyclists.


Wijngaarden VeiligGoed stands for quality. As a PPE (personal protective equipment) specialist we offer our customers only a high-quality product range with a selection of the best products, which do and deliver what they are made for.

For this reason, we have chosen to include Inuteq's products in our range. Our range of coolers for the neck, both the regular cooler and the neck flap, are also from the Inuteq brand.


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neck cooler

Table of contents

Neck cooler specifications

What are the features and what results does using a neck cooler give? We list it:

  • The cooler is lightweight and has a high wearing comfort.
  • Is easy to (re)activating, by wetting the cooler every now and then.
  • The neck cooler offers up to 15 degrees of cooling relative to the ambient temperature.
  • The cooler stays up to eight hours provide cooling after activation.
  • The neck cooler is for repeated use and cleanable in the washing machine.
  • Our neck coolers are CE marked.

Order neck cooler

We offer the neck cooler in two different colours, viz:

  • Black
  • Grey

The price is €9.05 (excluding VAT and price changes reserved).

Order neck flap

The neck flap, which should be attached to a (construction) helmet, is available in yellow and in grey. The neck flap is priced at € 12.36 (excluding VAT and subject to price changes).

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Other cooling accessories

Besides the neck cooler, we offer several other cooling accessories. Such as the cooling cap, the cooling shoe, the cool wristband and the cooling scarf.

We also offer a wide range of cooling vests. In most cases, a cooling vest is considered the main cooling product to provide cooling to the body.

Of course, the impact of a cooling vest on the body is also greater, as it offers cooling to a larger part of the body.

Questions or advice on the neck cooler

Want to know more about using the neck cooler or curious which other cooling products are suitable for the situation in which you want to use cooling products? Get in touch with us. Based on your situation, our advisors will be happy to select the best products for you.

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