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Since 2015, Wijngaarden VeiligGoed has been a regular supplier of PPE and workwear for HEBO Maritiemservice from Rotterdam. A lot has changed in recent years, both in the field of PPE and the standardisation requirements for clothing. But also at HEBO itself, due to the company's rapid growth. The cooperation between HEBO and Wijngaarden VeiligGoed has always been good and constructive.

We were able to unburden HEBO by taking the inspection of lifejackets off its hands, for instance. Through a rotation system, employees never had to work without this important safety equipment.

New clothes
Since this year, there has been a new clothing package with the aim of making people more visible and thus safer at work. Sustainable workwear was also a key focus, without losing sight of comfort. The sustainable clothing line 'Fristads Fusion' was chosen. This line is made of Lyocell and recycled PET bottles, among other materials.

Every employee has his/her own login code with which he/she can log into PRO account via the SafeGoods website. In this HEBO PPE webshop, they can then easily order the products appropriate to their job. PRO account is an important tool with which we implement sustainability.

Janneke Ten Klooster-Bonsink of HEBO: "I am more than satisfied with the cooperation with VeiligGoed (despite the distance from Zwartsluis, it's no problem at all). I have good contact/consultation with colleagues from VeiligGoed. It is ideal that one can order oneself and have it delivered to any address."

About HEBO
HEBO is a Maritime service provider in the broadest sense of the word. Every day our teams are engaged in oil and calamity abatement, transport, lifting, salvage and a range of support services on and around the water. And that both at home and abroad.

HEBO is always looking for the safest, most efficient and attractive solutions for customers. Quality, safety and sustainability are key, just like at Wijngaarden VeiligGoed. A perfect match!

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Learn more about PRO account

Read more about PRO account here or contact one of our advisers directly.

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