The Importance of Cut and Hand Protection in the Work Environment


The risk of cuts and hand injuries is a constant threat in various working environments, ranging from factories and laboratories to construction sites. To illustrate the seriousness of this issue, here are three concrete examples:

  1. Mechanical: A carpenter working with an electric saw could, in a moment of inattention, not only suffer a deep cut, but also risk disfigurement or even amputation.
  2. Chemical: In a laboratory, an employee may suffer burns or skin irritations when handling chemicals. Long-term exposure can even lead to chronic skin diseases.
  3. Thermal: An employee in a metal processing plant can suffer serious burns when handling molten metal, especially if adequate thermal protection equipment such as heat-resistant gloves are not used.

These hazards illustrate the crucial importance of cut and hand protection. Injuries can not only lead to personal suffering, but also involve significant costs such as medical treatment and absenteeism. In this blog, we take a closer look at the risks and share insights on how you can minimise them through the right protective equipment and safety practices.

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How common are cuts and hand injuries?

Cuts and hand injuries are not to be underestimated when it comes to work-related injuries. The importance of these figures becomes clear if we look at the statistics by industry.

Estimated figures and severity by industry

Industry Estimated Percentage of Hand Injuries Common Severity of Injuries
Construction 20% Cuts, scrapes
Industry 30% Burns, amputations
Office 5% Cuts
Healthcare 15% Puncture and cuts


For example, in the construction industry, hand and finger injuries account for about 20% of all reported injuries. This proportion increases to as much as 30% in industrial settings, where workers are also exposed to more serious injuries such as burns and amputations. Even in a relatively safe environment such as an office, there are risks; here, about 5% of all injuries are involved and cuts are the most common.

These injuries vary not only in frequency but also in severity, with consequences ranging from minor cuts to severe amputations. The economic impact, including lost working time and medical costs, is also significant and affects both workers and employers.

Available safety options for hand and limb protection

Although prevention is the first step in the AH (Occupational Hygiene Strategy) strategy, it remains personal protective equipment (PPE) a crucial addition to ensure maximum safety. Wijngaarden VeiligGoed offers a range of specialised products to protect you from the specific hazards mentioned earlier:

Mechanical/cut-resistant gloves: Designed to resist sharp objects, these gloves are essential in occupations such as construction and woodworking.

Chemical hand protection: Specially designed to protect the skin from chemicals, these gloves are of great importance in laboratories and industrial environments.

Arm protection: To protect your arms from cuts, abrasions and chemical exposure, Wijngaarden VeiligGoed offers various forms of arm protection.

Protective clothing: Clothing with cut-resistant and fire-retardant properties helps to protect your torso and limbs from various hazards.

Footwear: Specialised footwear such as saw shoes and boots can be crucial in protecting your feet from falling objects, sharp objects and thermal hazards.

With this variety of PPE, Wijngaarden SafeGoed helps employees and employers drastically reduce the risks of cuts and hand injuries, contributing to a safer working environment.

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Prevent hazards in your working environment

Every work environment is unique and brings its own set of risks and challenges. That is why at Wijngaarden VeiligGoed we believe in a personalized approach when it comes to workplace safety.

As experienced PPE consultants, we offer more than just products; we offer solutions tailored to the specific needs of your company and your employees.

From a thorough risk analysis to selecting the most appropriate personal protective equipment, our expertise ensures that you are optimally protected against the risks inherent in your industry. In this way, we ensure that safety is more than just a checklist, but an integral part of your corporate culture.

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