Even from the start, helmets have been part of our assortment. As such, we have a lot of experience with advising about and supplying different types of helmets. We always have the well-known brands in stock, so we can deliver quickly. If necessary, we can personalise the helmets with a sticker. 

The head is a vulnerable part of your body. In many workplaces there is a risk of head injury. For instance as a result of falling objects, hitting, grazing, metal splashes, chemicals or arc. So, there is a significant amount of risk on the work floor. But with the right protection you can withstand these hazards.

Which type of head protection do we offer? 

Below you will find different types of head protection. You can choose from them regarding the protection against specific risks 

  • Mountaineer helmets: safety helm with chinstrap 
  • Hairnets: for hygiene or protection against rotating parts 
  • Caps & hoods: protect the head against cold of liquids
  • Welding caps & monkshoods: protect against weld splatters

Sometimes, a combination with other PPE is required, such as face protection or hearing protection. Ask advice regarding how to combine this PPE.

Head protection - 1


Standard  Explanation 
EN 397  Industrial safety helmets 
EN 812  Industrial bump caps 
EN 14052  Industrial safety helmets with a high protection level 
EN 12492  Helmets for mountaineers 
EN 50365  Electrically insulating helmets for use at low voltage installations 

Wearing comfort

A helmet that hurts will not be worn voluntarily. You should therefore pay attention to the comfort, such as the weight, ventilation and the head straps. In case of severe heat, you can also use cooling pads or helmet inlays.

Life span & maintenance

The life span of the helmet is three to five years, depending on the material that the helmet is made of. The manufacturer will state the production date in the helmet shell. 

Obviously, proper use and maintenance will ensure that the helm will reach the lifespan mentioned. The best way is to store the helmet in a dry, dark and cool location. Do not use solvents or abrasives when cleaning it. The sweatbands and lining can be replaced for most helmets. If you cannot properly clean the helmet, then this is often an indicator that it needs replacement.

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The selection of a helmet is not without engagement. Take your risk-inventory or H&S catalogue as a starting point and seek advice from our PPE-consultants, who have a lot of experience with different situations at work. This way, you will comply with the laws and regulations and additionally, you can guarantee the safety at work.

Batina Corporal - Operational PPE advisor

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