At VeiligGoed we have an extensive range hearing protection. Depending on your work situation, we can recommend the most effective hearing protection. This will allow your employees to safely and comfortably carry out their work. 

Noise is part of the job. Yet, too much noise is harmful. Hearing protection is thus essential! In addition, it is required by law to wear hearing protection from 85 dB.

There are different solutions for protecting your ears. Each solution has its own advantages. Good orientation is therefore important. The main thing is that you take the noise volume in the workplace as a starting point. You can measure this yourself by use of an app. The hearing protection must bring this volume back to an average of around 80 decibels.  

Gehoorbescherming kiezen

Types of hearing protection

Disposable hearing protection – Damping: 10-15dB.

The best known and simplest hearing protection are disposable earplugs. They are squeezed between the fingers and applied into the ear. Once applied, the plug will expand again, ensuring that the noise will be dampened.

Earplugs - Damping: 15-25 dB 

These earplugs will last longer. They reduce the noise by around 20 decibel and have an integrated filter that keeps harmful noise outside the ear. The wearer will keep hearing the most important noises. Depending on the use, a specific filter can be chosen. 

Otoplastics – Damping: +/- 25dB 

Elke gehoorgang is anders. Daardoor kan er vaak toch geluid ‘doorlekken’, ondanks de gehoorbescherming. Aangemeten gehoorbescherming (oftewel otoplastieken) wordt helemaal op jouw oor aangepast. Het sluit de gehoorgang perfect af en voelt bovendien erg comfortabel aan. Daarnaast zijn de otoplastieken slijtvast zodat ze tot wel zes jaar kunnen meegaan. Ook deze gehoorbescherming is met ingebouwd filter beschikbaar. Hierdoor pik je alsnog belangrijke signalen en gesprekken op. Het is belangrijk om de werking regelmatig te testen aangezien de gehoorgang kan groeien. 

Earmuffs – Damping: <25dB 

Earmuffs shut off the entire ear and thus offer good protection. The earmuffs are available with different damping levels or even with integrated speakers. The earmuffs also come in models that can be attached to a helmet. In case of compulsory use of helmets, you will, as such, still be able to adequately wear your hearing protection. Please do ensure that the helmet and the hearing protection match. Read the applicable instruction, so as to ensure being sufficiently protected.


It appears that there is little support for wearing hearing protection, because it is found to be uncomfortable. Therefore, it is important to give thought to the wearing comfort, so that the support can be increased. Thus, you should involve employees in making the right choice.


Good maintenance of hearing protection is very important. Failing to maintain may cause infection or deteriorate the damping capacity. Inspection and cleaning are, as such, essential. For the more expensive hearing protection, such as ear moulds, you can have a (free) leaking test carried out.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is essential to inspect your hearing protection annually. It may so happen that your ear canal grows, causing the ear mould to not entirely fit anymore. As a result, the noise will ‘leak’ through. If you fail to timely check your hearing protection, you are basically working unprotected. That is why we offer free checks.

During an inspection (or leakage test) we check the functioning of the ear mould. We check the damping level of the hearing protection. If the damping is below the lower limit, then the ear mould must be replaced. If this happens within two years after purchase, the ear mould will be replaced free of charge!

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The selection of hearing protection starts with a good inventory. Take your risk-inventory or H&S catalogue as a starting point and ask advice from our PPE-consultants, who have a lot of experience with different situations at work. This way, you will comply with the laws and regulations and additionally, you can guarantee working safely.

Batina – PPE-consultant

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