Toolbox PPE

Our work revolves around safety in the workplace. In doing so, providing personal protective equipment (PPE) is our main service. 

In practice, having the right protective equipment is not enough to ensure safety on the shop floor. For this reason, in addition to supplying protective equipment, we also offer a PPE toolbox.

We are happy to explain what that means!

Toolbox PPE

Importance of working safely

Working safely is of great importance for both employee and employer. It prevents personal injury and thus also ensures continuity in the workplace. We see that this is precisely why many employers want to put extra energy into workplace safety. 

Of course by purchasing the right personal protective equipment, with a PPE advisor playing an important role. But also by additional information to give on the use of available PPE.

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Wijngaarden VeiligGoed is happy to offer this supporting role, in addition to supplying the PPE. We do this by means of a so-called toolbox PPE. This toolbox is actually an interactive presentation on the shop floor with the employees, in which we re-sharpen the use and rules.

The PPE toolbox is given by one of our expert advisors and are happy to make them available to our customers.

Goals of a PPE toolbox

We define the goals of such a PPE toolbox as follows:

  • Explaining how to use protective equipment correctly.
  • Explaining the rights and obligations of employees and employers.
  • Answering questions dealing with the use and regulations surrounding PPE.
Table of contents

Principles of PPE use

The PPE toolbox At its core, the proper use of protective equipment, such as: safety shoes, the safety helmet, hearing protection, eye protection and hand protection.

We therefore hang the interactive sessions with employees on a number of principles. Such as: Which protective equipment should be used in which place? Furthermore, it zooms in on the attitude and willingness of employees, as well as the importance of having the right level of knowledge. 

If, during the PPE session, it appears that there is more need for a particular aspect, the consultant will go into this in more detail. Or possibly, in consultation with the employer, schedule a second presentation more focused on the desired topic.

Toolbox PPE

Rights and obligations

One of the sections in the PPE toolbox, as mentioned above, deals with the rights and obligations of employees and employers. We cover a number of duties on which the employee's employer may address.

Such as: Providing the necessary PPE free of charge, facilitating instructions or a PPE toolbox and marking the duty to wear in the workplace.

For the employee Naturally, a number of obligations also apply, which we go through during the PPE toolbox. Such as cooperating with, for example, instructions on the correct use of PPE, using the tools correctly and maintaining the PPE properly.

Safety as part of corporate culture

It is essential to understand that the culture of safety goes beyond simply providing the right equipment. It is about creating an environment where employees feel free feel to raising security issues and in which continuous education and training are an integral part of business operations.

It is also crucial that executives take the lead in safety initiatives and set an example for their teams.

By a comprehensive approach of safety, companies can not only reduce accidents and injuries, but also create a more positive working environment where employees feel valued and protected.

Request a PPE toolbox

Keeping your employees optimally safe at work? We are happy to offer you a PPE toolbox at your workplace. One of our expert advisers will be happy to help your staff with their questions on the correct use of protective equipment and at the same time refresh the rules of use using the interactive PPE toolbox. 

Request a PPE toolbox or prefer some more information first? Get in touch with us.


We also offer the so-called PPE-scan. From this scan, we look at the occupational risks at your workplace and associated required protective equipment. This scan, in which we take into account your wishes and the wishes of your employees, results in an advisory report.

The PPE scan consists of three steps:

  1. Taking stock.
  2. Analyse.
  3. Advisory report.

The outcomes of an advisory report are:

  • Grip and overview
  • Cost reduction
  • Awareness and support
  • Better protection.

More information can be found on the page PPE-scan.

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